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Export USA is a consulting company based in New York, USA.

We're proud to announce the release of the Practical guide for export in USA.

The book is written by Lucio Miranda and Muriel Nussbaumer and published by Hoepli Publishing House. You can purchase the book by visiting Hoepli website:


ExportUSA will find you the most suitable, respected and effective sales agents, representatives, distributors or importers to sell your product in the United States.

ExportUSA is a consulting firm with offices in New York, United States.

We help small- and medium-sized companies export to and sell in the United States while limiting  the initial investment as much as possible. This is generally done through the establishment of a sales network in the United States, consisting of independent representatives, business agents or distributors.

We are specialized in the following sectors:

  • Food products and specialty items
  • Clothes and fashion items
  • Health and medical devices
  • Electromedical equipment
  • Marble, granite and building stones and materials
  • Machinery
  • Industrial goods
  • Chemical products
  • Furniture and fittings
  • Footwear
  • Household items and giftware
We help companies with exporting to the United States furnishings, furniture, clothing, fashion items, footwear, foodstuffs, giftware, household articles, machinery, cosmetic products, health and medical devices, electromedical equipment, industrial machinery and other goods.

The agents and representatives we work with mainly sell to independent retailers (retailers having three points of sale at most). We even work with agents and representatives who sell, for example, giftware and household items to major department stores such as Macy's, Sears and Bed, Bath & Beyond, among others.

In some sectors, especially those having large technological components in their products such as machinery or industrial goods, distribution works differently. For these sectors, we mostly work through our connected network of importers and/or distributors.

Our approach to sales is extremely practical and concrete. It takes into account the specific characteristics of each sector, market and product while maintaining a strongly sales-oriented approach. Our approach keeps in mind the typical requirements of small- and medium-sized companies that seek to export machinery, industrial goods, medical devices, furniture, clothing, foodstuffs, giftware and household items to the United States.

Product Testing for the United States

We usually advise companies who want to export convenience goods such as foodstuffs, clothing and fashion items, giftware and household articles to the United States to start by completing a product test. This is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to assess a company's position and to help companies understand if their products may successfully sell in the United States. Please contact us for further information on product testing in the United States with no obligation whatsoever.

Establishment of a Sales Network in the United States

The next step after successful product testing is the establishment of a sales network in the United States. Through our network of agents, sales representatives and distributors, we conduct a search for sellers that are willing to represent the product and cover the areas with the most potential in the United States.

For a free, no obligation assessment of your products, please fill out our contact form. It could be your first step to start exporting to the United States!

Tips to export to the United States

26/08/2021Walmart’s Last Mile Strategy

We all know how Amazon has forever changed the rules of retailing. Now comes news that Walmart, another U.S. retail behemoth, is sending its employees, gig workers, and even(groan) drones to make local “last mile” deliveries for other companies.
20/08/2021Climate Change and the Global Supply Chain

It seems that every day brings more news of calamitous environmental disasters. Fires, floods, hurricanes, and record heat, you name it, we’ve seen and done it all lately. It’s past time for every company involved in international trade to run a risk mitigation analysis and plan accordingly.
13/08/2021US-China Interdependence

Many believe the chief characteristic of US-China relations is competition, but the truth is that the two superpowers sit heavily in each other’s laps. There’s a disconnect between the official party line and how much business gets done by ex-pats on both sides.
06/08/2021Taxes and tariffs

A revised take on U.S. Steel tariffs and new discourse about pushing back against China highlights this week’s news. Certain pundits in Europe are arguing that EU nations can’t afford to be quite as confrontational as the US. And in other news, there’s a plan to charge a “Traveler’s Tax” on non-EU travelers to Europe.
30/07/2021EU-US Joint Tech Council

Rules need to be written on a range of sensitive technology issues. Many in the West believe that China’s technological superiority represents a strategic threat to the world order.
23/07/2021What Trade War?

US-China trade is booming, despite tariffs and the ongoing posturing on each side. It’s been 18 months since Trump signed the latest agreement, which is looking more and more like a truce. There’s no intention of resuming talks on either side, the focus is on competition, not communication.