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06/10/2017Sell and export industrial robots in the United States. Industrial automation robotics in America

Industrial robot sales in the United States of America are growing now that the U.S. economy is out of the recession. There are also opportunities for Italian manufacturers to export industrial robotics and automation applications to the United States
Some interesting market developments could open doors to robotics manufacturers to export to the U.S.
12/01/2016Oil prices crush to $30

Oil prices have fallen sharply again, hitting $30 per barrel
What will the oil price drop lead to?
05/01/2016Notable Increase in Big Apple wages and jobs

New York's jobs, wages see two-year surge, NYC's Economic Development Corporation says
New York City: one of the most promising city to work
17/12/2015Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rate

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade
Potential effects of an interest rate raise in 2016
09/12/2015Oil prices might go even lower in 2016 in the United States

Crude oil prices fall to their lowest levels since the 2009 global recession.
Oil benchmark falls below $40 a barrell.
01/12/2015Thanksgiving weekend Winner: E-Tailers

More people shopped online than in stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
Online shopping on the surge during Thanksgiving weekend.
25/11/2015Fruits and Veggies replace Pasta and Meat on Menus

More natural and healthy products in the United States of America: Hawaiian dishes on the rise.
Hawaiian dishes getting popular in the mainland.
23/11/2015Euro falls push export activities to the United States

How the EUR to USD exchange rates have evolved in the past few weeks and consequent implications on the global economy.
Incessant EUR to USD exchange rates fluctuations.
22/08/2014Registering a trademark in the United States of America.

What are the steps to register a trademark in the USA? How are disputes over trademark rights settled?
The registration of trademarks and patents.
04/08/2014Tariffs to export to the United States of America

Many products imported into the United States of America require the payment of tariffs. Most goods are imported with no tariff, but there are significant differences that vary according to the type of merchandise.
Find the best customs code to import your products into the United States of America.

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