ExportUSA New York, Corp. is a corporation under US law, based in New York, United States.

ExportUSA was founded in 2003 to offer reasonably priced services to small- and medium-sized companies in order to help them export to and sell in the United States.

Our registered office is in New York, but our agents follow our client companies all over the world.

We work with small- and medium-sized enterprises, who entrust us with different kinds of tasks, all aimed at the objective of exporting to and selling in the United States. For several years, we have represented Brescia Export in the United States. We collaborate with several bodies and associations on different projects aimed at helping small- and medium-sized enterprises in their internationalization efforts.

Internet for International Trade

Inetitalia Corp., also a corporation under US law, is an affiliated company of ExportUSA New York, Corp.

Inetitalia deals with the creation of websites, ranking of websites on search engines, and electronic commerce. Fully aware of the growing importance of the internet's growing role in international trade, ExportUSA works in close cooperation with Inetitalia Corp. to create online solutions which  promotes sales and helps foreign companies enter the US market.

Development of Internet sites for international trade