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ExportUSA New York Corp. is legally a U.S. company based in New York, America, with offices in Rimini (Italy) and Brussels

Everywhere we are - whether Rimini, Brussels, or New York - we have our own staff and our own offices. In other words: ExportUSA does not sublet offices from a lawyer or a business person

The interior of ExportUSA’s offices in Brooklyn

All work and all projects that ExportUSA carries out are performed by our personnel in America and in Italy

We are not an “associated group of professionals” that changes constantly or is run by “pinch hitters” in a more or less episodic, more or less coordinated way

Every ExportUSA project is performed by ExportUSA personnel according to rules and procedures we developed, tested and improved over time. There is always the same personnel, each with their own special expertise, all centrally coordinated for the reliability of high-quality, consistent procedures and results over time.

Dedicated offices in the United States and our own employees are your assurance of ExportUSA’s dependability and commitment to working in the United States, our only target market.

Our focus is only on the United States

The American market is complex. An in-depth knowledge of it means that we learn to compare it to other markets as well.

A 360-degree approach to the American market

In recent years, we have devoted ourselves to refining all (and we mean all) the services that Italian companies need for successful entry in the USA. Some we provide ourselves internally to ExportUSA; others we entrust to partners we have chosen over the years.

We have a wealth of experience in America

Almost 20 years of work, always and exclusively in this market, has allowed us to tackle the most diverse situations and to formulate the best solutions. Working with ExportUSA means drawing on more than 150 person/years of combined experience in the USA.

ExportUSA’s personnel has the experience, the ability, the skills and the authority to handle any type of situation

And the strong vertical integration among all of us makes the transfer of experience and knowledge both constant and continuing. Nobody here will ever tell you “that’s not my department.”

ExportUSA was founded in 2003 to provide small and medium-sized Italian enterprises with all the services necessary for successful exporting in the United States

Since 2017, ExportUSA has been a representative in Italy for the IACC, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in New York

Our Rimini office handles contacts with companies directly in Italy, while our New York office takes care of operations, conducting the assignments and projects entrusted to us by our Italian client companies.

In October 2018, we opened a company and an office in Brussels, ExportUSA SPRL, to lead various European financing projects for internationalization and to help develop trade policies between Europe and the United States of America that are favorable to small and medium enterprises.

Over the years we have represented Brescia Export in the United States. We are currently collaborating, to name just a few, with Unindustria Reggio Emilia, Promos/Milan Chamber of Commerce, API Bergamo and various Confindustria offices in: Rimini, Pesaro, Macerata, Bari and Taranto, and with Assolombarda Servizi di Milano.

In 2014, ExportUSA became a member of Confindustria Romagna. We have worked together on various projects to help with the internationalization of small and medium-sized Italian enterprises.

A Logistics Center for the United States of America in Dayton, Ohio

ExportUSA has its own logistics center in Dayton, Ohio, where 48 hours of truck travel reaches 68% of the market in the continental United States. Ohio has a significant advantage in terms of cost over states like New Jersey, California and Florida that are too decentralized to serve the whole United States.

A Programming Center Dedicated to E-Commerce in the United States of America

ExportUSA’s other operational pillar is its software development center in Sofia, Bulgaria. Updates are made from there to the ZipShop e-commerce platform developed for online sales in the United States. The software development center also has developed and maintains all of ExportUSA’s systems: those for its United States accounting and the one for logistics management.

ExportUSA also boasts a “softwarehouse” so we can handle web site creation, search engine placement, electronic commerce and the development of specific applications for managing operations on the American market

Internet for International Commerce and for E-Commerce and Online Sales in the United States

At ExportUSA, being conscious of the enormous and growing importance of the Internet in international commerce, especially in the United States, we have created electronic commerce solutions for online sales in the United States.

Our e-commerce solutions, designed specifically for the American market, integrate secure online payment with credit cards and logistics as well as the UPS system for real-time calculation of shipping costs and for real-time creation of all shipping documents.

A strong presence online and an e-commerce site, if needed, are the essential complement for companies that want to get into the United States.

The address for our New York office is:

18 Bridge Street 2A
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel.: (+1) 718-522-5575

The address for our Rimini office is:

Via Mentana, 36
47921 Rimini (RN)
Tel.: (+39) 0541-709073

The address for our Brussels office is:

Rue Van Eyk, 22 (Legal Address) 
1060 Brussels, Belgium
+32 474755505

The email address for our Press Office is:


La nostra storia


ExportUSA starts providing small and medium-sized Italian enterprises with the principal services needed for successful exporting into the United States


ExportUSA opens its logistics center in Dayton, Ohio


ExportUSA is officially incorporated in New York State with the business name "ExportUSA New York Corp."


ExportUSA's Rimini office opens


ExportUSA's New York office opens


ExportUSA opens a new office in New York to accommodate its growth


ExportUSA also opens a larger office in Rimini


ExportUSA becomes a member of Confindustria Romagna to work on various projects and to help with the internationalization of small and medium-sized Italian enterprises


ExportUSA becomes the representative in Italy for the IACC (Italy-America Chamber of Commerce) of New York


New offices for the New York headquarters


The Brussels office of ExportUSA opens


New offices in Rimini at Via Mentana 36


Leasing of a second office in Brooklyn to manage the SIMEST projects

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