Online sales is now an established practice in the United States. Many websites addressed to distributors or retailers have now an ecommerce section

ExportUSA has strong experience in the development of ecommerce websites for selling online in America

We can help your company develop an ecommerce operation for selling in the United States: from website design to logistics, order management to product shipment, to end customers: we cover all the elements needed to implement a successful ecommerce operation in the US

In the United States, ecommerce is now widely used to also sell to intermediaries, such as retailers and distributors, who use the website of the supplier to purchase and restock goods.

There are plenty of ecommerce websites also in the sector of industrial goods for the online sale of spare parts, accessories or small machinery.

The development of an ecommerce website also makes selling easier for agents and representatives, who can complete the order and forward it online to the storehouse during their visit to the customer (retailer, wholesaler or business), using a special area of the website for quicker dispatching.

By partnering with Inetitalia Corp. / Siti di Successo, ExportUSA develops websites specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to sell in the United States.

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