Consulting for Exporting to the United States

ExportUSA has expertise and experience to help your company export to the United States

ExportUSA's consulting services cover all necessary requirements needed for companies exporting to the United States

With a streamlined bureaucracy and efficient public services, the United States offers a vast, generally open and free market. 

This is true considering you know the rules and how to apply them right away. These rules have two sides:

  • On one hand, there are the legal rules that apply to all contracts concerning imports to the United States (customs, FDA licences, other licences and authorizations, etc.).
  • On the other hand, there are the rules of the market, business usages, distribution structure, procedures for dealing with banks, and anything else concerning marketing and sales in general.

What is the main reason for seeking the help of an export consulting firm?

The use of a consulting firm like ExportUSA allows a company (who wants to enter the US market and sell its products) to save time while minimizing mistakes and costs.

ExportUSA is able to provide comprehensive advisory services with all issues associated with exporting to the United States and entering into the US market.

Over the years, we've selected a group of consultants who collaborate with us to solve all issues related to entering the US market. A few typical examples are:

  • Establishment of corporations under US law
  • Search for sales representatives, distributors or importers
  • Corporate, tax and legal advice
  • Registration of trademarks and patents
  • Attendance at trade fairs in the United States
  • Many other services

How do we work with foreign companies?


ExportUSA can guide your company to the best solutions suiting your needs.

The first step is the analysis of your product, market and company. After deep research, we determine the pros and cons of different solutions available and help the company choose which recommendations and solutions best fit its needs.

How does the relationship with ExportUSA continue after consulting?

ExportUSA will continue to remain available to assist the company, should any needs arise. Usually, the companies that we introduce to the US market continue to use our services at the time of entry in the US market. As they gain experience, they become increasingly self-sufficient. ExportUSA remains readily available to provide any necessary services at any time.