The sale of food products in the United States is subject to approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

FDA registration, certification services and practices for obtaining licences and authorizations to import food products into the United States

ExportUSA offers the lowest-cost FDA registration and certification services in the market. FDA papers are required to obtain the licence to import into the United States

It is forbidden to sell food products in the United States if the mandatory label has not been previously prepared and approved by FDA. These labels are required to be displayed on the packaging of all food products exported to the US. 

ExportUSA helps foreign companies who seek to sell food products in the United States attain the necessary import formalities and successfully complete the FDA approval procedure.

Our prices for FDA registration services are the lowest in the market

  • Label with nutrition facts: $300
  • Revision of label contents: $400 per product
  • If you have the same product but in a different package, these labels are only $200
  • FDA registration: $180
  • FDA agent service: $640 1st year/ $480 from 2nd year on
The FDA requires the appointment of an administrative agent residing in the United States to act as representative for the manufacturer. The administrative agent receives all notices and communications by the FDA which need to be forwarded to the food manufacturer in the the product's country of origin.
  • Prior notice: $80

The prior notice is a notification which needs to be given on every food shipment to the United States.