To sell in the United States, trade fairs are not enough - a sales network is also needed

ExportUSA locates the best fitting business agents, importers and sales representatives to sell your product in the United States

Finding sales agents/representatives and importers to establish a sales network in the United States

Attempting to sell in the United States only by attending a few trade fairs generally leads to poor results. Once the trade fair is over and the short-lived interest has waned, issues still remain such as recontacting and following up on prospects, shipping orders and finding new customers.

You need a sales network consisting of importers, distributors, business agents and sales representatives promoting your product with retailers in the United States.

What exactly do we do to find the best fitting  importers or business agents and sales representatives to sell your company's  products in the United States?

  • We select the agents/importers according to the geographical areas of the United States that you want to cover and know how to sell your type of product.
  • We contact all selected importers, agents and representatives and have them review your products.
  • We submit the contact info (of the agents and representatives who accept the responsibility of representing your product) to you for approval and help your company select the best agents to help you to start selling in the United States.
  • We draw up the contract with the importers, agents and representatives that have been selected, clearly stating that we will work in the interest of your company.
  • After putting your company in contact with selected agents, we act as middlemen between your company and the business agents/sales representatives to make starting work in the United States easier.
  • Alternatively, we can find a Sales Manager who will follow your company's instructions and manage your United States sales network.

In the United States, sales agents and representatives are only paid a commission on successful sales. Generally, business agents are organized in associations representing specific geographical areas and specialize in niche product categories and types of distribution.

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