US retailers request the goods to be forwarded from a storehouse located in the United States

ExportUSA provides you with efficient, cost-competitive logistic facilities in the United States

Supply and Transport Services in the United States

US retailers want to buy FOB United States. In other words, they ask the companies that want to sell in the United States to forward their goods from a storehouse located in the US.

If you attended a trade fair in the United States and had a chance to talk to US buyers or retailers, you've probably realized that sales offers are accepted with suspicion when the product is not forwarded from a storehouse in the United States.

The reasons are easy to understand: uncertain delivery times, uncertainty regarding customs procedures and the levy of duties, problems associated with reorders, restocks or replacements if the order is incomplete or incorrect, higher probability of some items being delivered damaged.

Due to all these reasons, in most cases, US retailers only buy FOB United States, i.e. goods forwarded from a storehouse in the United States.

List of the Supply and Transport Services offered by ExportUSA in the United States

For these reasons, as well, ExportUSA offers a readily available, effective, tested, low-cost solution to the foreign companies that want to sell in the United States. We have warehouses located in Ohio so as to be able to provide complete supply and transport services:

  • Reception of goods
  • Storage
  • Preparation of orders
  • Forwarding (carrier, groupage or dedicated truck)
  • Invoicing on behalf of the customer
  • Order tracking
  • Various customized services

The selection of Ohio for the location of the storehouses was a strategic decision for logistics in the United States, since 48 hours by truck are needed to reach 70% of the US market. The supply and transport services we provide range from the reception of goods, to their storage, order preparation and forwarding to US retailers (the so-called "pick & pack").

Shipping from Ohio is an extremely cheap and fully flexible solution, which does not require either long-term contracts or minimum stored quantities.