ExportUSA carries out quantitative and qualitative market surveys and focus groups in the United States

We cover all the industries: from consumer products to industrial goods

ExportUSA performs market research surveys in the United States for any type of product / market, either directly or through our network of specialized partners.

US market is extremely segmented: there are many diverse market niches and, even though they are "niches", the size of many of the markets are so large in absolute terms that they are significant all the same.

Two supplementary factors adding to complexities typical of the US market are geographic and climatic differences and the degree of sophistication achieved by distribution.

In this sense, sometimes we cannot even speak of a "US market" as a whole. Especially regarding convenience goods, as there is a series of target sub-markets rather than a single, integrated and homogenous market.  For example, you wouldn't be selling cold-weather gear in Florida in April, but in many northern states like Michigan or Alaska, you can guarantee there's a year-round need for those products.

A market survey - a qualitative / quantitative survey or a series of focus groups - is often useful in determining the following: what the target niche groups for your product are, and understanding the best way to approach that niche market. Through its network of specialized partners, ExportUSA is able to organize and execute market surveys while monitoring the niche market in the United States most relevant to your company/product- even the complicated ones.

In the United States, focus groups are, above all, excellent survey tools for a company that wants to approach the US market and determine the relevance of its product in the United States.

We realize that the service of conducting market surveys, for depth of complexity and price reasons, is not affordable to all foreign companies wishing to enter the US market.  Typically, this service is requested by medium/large companies looking to sell in the United States at a national level.

A few examples of market surveys for the United States that we have recently carried out:

  • The market of industrial gaskets in the United States
  • Sales performance of automotive components in the United States
  • Market trends for cardiovascular medical devices in the United States
  • The market of personal care products in the United States
  • Sale of chemical fertilizers for agriculture in the United States
  • Market study for the distribution of ironmongery in the United States
  • Market survey on fittings for curtains