Maintaining an ongoing presence on the market is another key element to sell in the United States

A sales office for the United States at ExportUSA address in New York allows you company to have a representative office in the USA at reasonable prices

It's a big mistake to attend a trade fair in the United States if you do not have a sales office, representative office or local business correspondent following the sales leads after the tradeshow ends.

ExportUSA offers the service of acting in the interest of your company as a sales office and/or agency within the US.

For instance, you can leave ExportUSA's phone number with the prospects contacted during the tradeshows in the United States, and we will answer all the phone calls acting like your sales office in the States.

We keep copies of your catalogs and price lists to be forwarded on demand, and we act as agents between your company and the customers in the US, covering all inquiries about your company and/or product(s).

The service of a sales/representative office is the most effective way to maximize the benefit of trade fairs in the United States. Without a sales office in the US, after you return to your home country when the trade show / fair ends, there is nobody to stay behind and follow up for your company in the United States.

Thanks to your sales office in the United States (your sales agency- ExportUSA), potential new US customers can easily call in the United States and  find an English-speaking representative providing clients with all the information required on the product or about an order.

It is a service that dramatically increases the effectiveness of your sales efforts in the United States.