A part-time sales manager in the United States is the cheapest and most efficient way to manage the sales network

A part-time sales manager pays back through better results of the sales network

Search for and Selection of Sales Managers in the United States

Once the sales network in the United States has been established, a Sales Manager is needed to periodically check sales trends, talk to sales agents and representatives to understand if problems are arising, collect comments on the product, understand the reaction of the retailers to the sales operation, talk to the storehouse employees to monitor the forwarding of orders, deal with reorders, replacements and returns of products.

In the beginning, all these activities may be carried out from your country, but as sales agents and orders from the United States increase, these operations must be delegated to a Sales Manager in the United States.

Search for and Selection of Part-Time Sales Managers

As you begin your business in the US, it is not necessary to hire a full-time sales manager, as a part-time sales manager will be more than sufficient. 

To help foreign companies in this process, we search for and select Sales Managers in the United States working part-time at affordable rates and, above all, avoiding any permanent employment contract with all the ensuing issues.

The cost of a part-time Sales Manager based in the United States pays back through an increased performance of the sales network: as sales representatives feel supervised, there is an incentive to push sales in the United States, and orders are forwarded without delay, decreasing the number of overall errors and the helping to resolve previous and present errors in a shorter amount of time.