Expert tax and accounting advice in the United States

Consult the certified professional accountants selected by ExportUSA

Tax and Accounting Assistance and Advice in the United States

Tax and accounting formalities for companies are less cumbersome in the United States than in other countries. Nevertheless, there are procedures and formalities to be complied with: ExportUSA will help you by providing tax and accounting advice in New York.

Generally, foreign companies that start selling in the US do not need much tax and accounting assistance or advice.

The situation changes when a business corporation is established in the United States or as turnover increases, requiring the need for companies to receive tax and accounting assistance and/or advice 

ExportUSA has been, for years,  working with a small group of certified professional accountants (CPAs)in the United States. The group of CPAs we work with, collectively, have many, many years of experience and are deeply familiar with both the requirements of foreign companies that want to export to the United States and the US tax laws.