Establishment of a corporation under US law is the first step to apply for B1 and E2 business and investor visas

Investors and partners of a U.S. company (e.g. a corporation) may obtain B1 / E2 visas

Through a network of US specialized lawyers' offices, ExportUSA assists investors and partners of U.S. companies to apply for and obtain B1 / E2 visas

The United States has special visa categories for investors and partners of US law corporations: i.e. B1 and E2 visas.

Once certain conditions have been met, the investor or partner of a corporation can start applying for B1 / E2 visas for the United States.

B1 Visa – Business Visa for the United States

To obtain a B1 visa, a well-thought business plan detailing the business that you intend to carry out must be prepared and submitted, and you also need to be partner of a company incorporated under US law, e.g. a corporation.This visa allows for longer stays in the United States compared to tourist visas. Usually, it is the kind of visa issued to a foreign traveller, who wants to explore the possibilities of investment in the United States, since this operation requires longer time than a mere pleasure visit or holiday.

Generally, B1 visa term is 6 months, but it can be extended to up to one year at a time.

The time required to obtain this type of business visa is 6 to 8 weeks, and the procedure is carried out at the US Consulate or Embassy in your Home Country.

E2 Visa - Investor Visa for the United States

E2 visas for the United States are only intended for those investors, who may be defined as "substantial" according to US regulations. However, the requirement of substantiality is not absolute, but rather relative to the kind of business that the investor intends to start.

In other words, if I want to invest in the United States to build a foundry and my intended investment is $50,000 as start-up capital, I cannot be considered as a "substantial" investor. Whereas, if the same investment were made to open a photographer's studio in the USA, then prospects do change.

E2 visas for investors in the United States are issued for a term of 5 years and may be extended. To obtain this kind of visa, a business plan covering at least five years of activity needs to be prepared.

In particular, the business plan required to apply for and obtain an E2 visa for investments in the United States must show the substantiality of the initial investment. In other words, the investment plan cannot be based on the working capital and cash flows generated by traditional corporate business only.

Treaty Invesor (E2) visas are for citizens of countries with which the United States maintains treaties of commerce and navigation. Please see the link below to verify that your country of origin is eligible for the E2 visa. 

In collaboration with US law firms specializing in "immigration law" (with whom we have been working for quite some time for business-related requirements and investor visas in the US), ExportUSA helps investors and entrepreneurs obtain B1 / E2 visas.