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An e-commerce operation includes various elements that range from website development to logistics, and from an order management system to positioning on Google and Yahoo

ExportUSA provides companies with turnkey consulting services for the development and creation of electronic commerce websites for the United States

Developing an E-Commerce Website for America

ExportUSA allows companies to create an e-commerce website for the United States, adopting proven solutions that make it possible to save time, reduce costs, and avoid mistakes

Selling online with e-commerce in the United States

If your company is interested in selling in America, an electronic commerce website can provide support to a store on Amazon

ExportUSA has extensive experience not only in creating sales networks, but also in developing e-commerce operations and opening stores on Amazon

We provide total consultation on all aspects related to the development of an e-commerce operation specific to the United States. Relying on ExportUSA, youíll receive access to dependable services regarding logistics, order management, marketing, development, and website promotion.

Within ExportUSA is a company specialized in the development of websites and in client/server programming. It's a company that began working on the development of e-commerce applications in 1997. Over time we've perfected our online sales platform, tailoring it more and more to the needs of the American market and, therefore, specifically to online sales in America.

When developing an e-commerce website for America, it's necessary to take into account the expectations of American consumers

Online selling isn't a concept that's the same always and everywhere, unchanging over time and insensitive to the country in which it takes place. Online selling actually has its own specificities:

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