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For companies that have recently gotten into the American market, renting an office in New York is not just expensive but also slow and complex when it comes to the procedures, contracting, making payments and insurance requirements

ExportUSA offers a simple, flexible, fast and inexpensive solution: renting a temporary office in New York dedicated to your company within the ExportUSA office

Sub-leasing an office in New York at the ExportUSA office: you will find an Italian environment while surrounded by our staffís professional experience with the United States

ExportUSA New York, Corp. address

ExportUSA's New York office is located at:

18 Bridge Street 2A/2B -
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: +1 718 522-5575

Subway: the office is 200 meters from the York Street subway stop on the F train, the first Brooklyn stop when coming from Manhattan.

Opening a business office in the United States allows your American customers to see your European company as having a real branch office in America

Office sharing service in New York for European companies

For companies planning to enter the American market, renting a dedicated office may be expensive as well as complicated because the office owner will certainly ask you for collateral, a copy of your most recent income statement, a security deposit and possibly other things. This procedure will, among other things, really slow down the process.

Office sharing services with WeWork, for example, safely solve the problems with cost and flexibility, but are still limited because what you rent is a "location" within a larger office (meaning that the assigned location changes based on the number of people in that office at that time).

It also involves very large spaces. They may look nice and well organized, but they hardly meet the daily needs of a European company that is new on the American market.

ExportUSA purchased an office space in New York where European startups can sub-lease their own office spaces to devote to employees moving to America or making business trips

ExportUSA doubled its New York office space and launched a new service for European companies: office sub-leasing in New York.

The service involves renting a dedicated desk in one of the two ExportUSA offices in New York. The office in question is occupied only by the staff members and technical personnel of European companies who have moved to America, are on business trips or are visiting customers, etc.

The office rental in New York includes:

.. But really, the huge advantage of renting an office in New York from ExportUSA is our Fast Export Consulting Service

In addition to the benefits listed above, those renting a desk in ExportUSAís office space have a major advantage that other office sharing services like Regus or WeWork could never offer: our fast export consulting service.

ExportUSA's own staff office is right next to the space devoted to clients. Just stand up from your desk, walk 20 steps and you are at ExportUSA. Our personnel are available to answer quick questions about everything you need to work in the United States. This means all those questions about "doing business in America" that are hard to articulate entirely in English and that researching can take up a lot of time, such as:

Don't worry: with the Fast Export Consulting service that ExportUSA offers companies renting an office space in New York, you can see that questions like these are already answered.

Opening an enterprise in the US

Look on Google Maps to see the location of ExportUSAís offices in New York

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