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60% of Amazon's Prime Day purchases took place in the USA

The last Prime Day broke all e-commerce sales records in the US: American consumers purchased over 60,000 products per minute

Prime Day manages to achieve record-breaking results every year. This time, the Amazon Prime customer event was declared the best ever in the history of e-commerce: the platform sold more than 300,000 products worldwide in just 48 hours, consumers spent more than $3 billion from small businesses, and total savings amounted to at least $1.7 billion. Amazon's e-commerce sales on Prime Day grew, in terms of the number of orders, by 8.5% compared to a year ago, with a total of $12 billion in revenue.

As always, the US is the most profitable market for small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon. US Amazon Prime customers purchased more than 60,000 products per minute during the two days of deals, taking advantage of the discounts after months of rising prices. The average order on Amazon during Prime Day was $52.26, 16.8% more than on Prime Day 2021.

Some useful data on Amazon US sales on Prime Day 2022:

These figures are hard to ignore and prove that the best way to start doing business in the US is to open an online shop on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon in the US: American consumer spending increases during Prime Day

In addition to the aforementioned categories, US consumer spending focused on household necessities and consumer packaged goods. 29% of Amazon customers in the US bought basic necessities, 27% bought everyday goods they would buy anyway, and 20% bought higher-priced products they would only buy on sale. Furthermore, this is the third consecutive year in which Amazon Marketplace sales grew faster than Amazon product sales.

An Amazon shop is an excellent entry strategy into the US market

Amazon has become a veritable search engine and price checker in the hands of American consumers looking for the best deal. This is why we believe that it is unthinkable to enter the US market without first creating a showcase on the most widely used e-commerce site in the US. Having a presence on Amazon US also gives us an effortless competitive advantage, as 62% of consumers said they did not shop on other e-commerce sites during Amazon's discount days.

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