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ExportUSA as a Tax Preparer authorized to prepare income tax returns in the US on its staff

ExportUSA is also authorized to electronically submit the income tax return

The tax/fiscal consulting and bookkeeping for the United States service that ExportUSA provides saves the client time and prevents costly errors

When preparing the income tax return, we actually prepare all the work, from collecting the accounting data and preparing the return to submitting the return electronically

We manage the bookkeeping and preparation of income tax returns in-house to facilitate and speed up the tax, fiscal and legal consultancy work

We provide all bookkeeping services for the USA and we prepare income tax returns for the USA by coordinating the work with CPAs

The fiscal / tax and accounting formalities for which businesses are responsible in the United States are not as muddled as they are in some other countries. Nevertheless, there are tax procedures and fulfilments to observe and with the support of ExportUSA, it will be like having a European business consultant in New York [although we are not business consultants in Europe].  Bookkeeping for the United States is also an activity less difficult than it is in Europe, but in any case it is necessary to know and observe the US accounting standards.

CPA for the United States

Consultancy on accounting administration and bookkeeping in the US

Generally speaking, businesses that begin to sell in the US initially have no need for much tax or accounting consultancy and assistance. The situation is different when the turnover increases

ExportUSA always provides initial consultancy on how to set up the accounting for the US company and on the tax deadlines in the US when a company opens in the US.

In this case as well we have been working with a small group of business consultants who are charter members both in the US and in Europe with long-term experience.

They are knowledgeable of both the needs of international companies that want to export to the US and US legislation in-depth. We provide preliminary consulting on bookkeeping in the US and on fiscal/tax deadlines and fulfilments of the year to European companies that open a company in the US with ExportUSA.

Furthermore, we provide an excellent chart of accounts for managing accounting in the US, and we make available to companies a reserved area on our server to manage the deadlines and tax fulfilments for the US.

Then for those companies that have a more complex operational structure, we study the most efficient solutions from the tax perspective together with the business consultancy firm in the US with which we collaborate to prepare the more complex tax returns.

In this way, the fiscal and tax assistance and consultancy for the United States that ExportUSA provides offers the two-fold advantage of saving time and costs, in addition to singling out the best solutions for international companies about to enter the US market. In the same way, the bookkeeping service ensures conformity with the US accounting criteria.

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ExportUSA handles the accounting for all types of American companies and all types of businesses. In addition to bookkeeping, we prepare and present end-of-year income statements as well as quarterly [or monthly, depending] sales tax statements.