Organization of trade fairs or events needs to be prepared beforehand if you want US importers to visit your stand

Attending a trade fair and just hoping that buyers will visit the stand of your company is a pure illusion

At ExportUSA, we see to the organization of and participation at trade fairs in the United States by: contacting your prospective buyers, purchasing agents, importers, and distributors well in advance, and persuading them to visit the stand of your company.

Trade fairs have become overcrowded and competitive like markets. In the United States, each trade fair has hundreds upon thousands of exhibitors, all showcasing similar products.  It is inconceivable to assume that buyers, importers, distributors and other potential customers will happen upon your stand by chance, without prior knowledge of your company and without a scheduled appointment.  In reality, there is just not enough time for your potential business prospects to visit every stand!

To be successful at these fairs, you must convince business prospects to visit the stand of your company in the same way you convince them to buy your product.

US buyers visit trade fairs following a schedule of visits to maximize the time spent at the fair. We must persuade customers to add the stand of your company to their scheduled visits.

ExportUSA collaborates with you to get US buyers / importers / distributors whom you are interested in to visit your stand at the trade fair. We are also available to accompany you to the trade fair and attend your meetings with the customers.

Once the trade fair is over, we also provide a service of sales agency in the United States, so as to allow you to carry on your promotional activities in the US market.

Visit the page dedicated to the service of sales agency in the United States for more information.