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Acquiring a company is the quickest way to enter the US market

Acquiring a dealer, for example, ensures an all but immediate access to distribution in the US

Acquisition of companies in the United States: search, selection and due diligence

ExportUSA helps you search for and select US companies to acquire

Starting today, the ExportUSA network of partners also extends to the area of acquisitions of companies operating in the US, with its activity typical of M&A - Merger and Acquisition.

Together with our partners, we search for target companies, handle the selection and in view of the acquisition, we also carry out due diligence.

Search and selection of target companies to acquire in the USAcquisition of US companies

Together with the international client, we define the characteristics of the target company and define its profile.

Together with our partners, we search for the target company through the network of US financial consultants specialized in the M&A sector.

The final step of the US target company search and selection stage is presenting all the target companies judged appropriate to the international buyer company.

Contacting the target companies considered by the buyer company as the best

During this stage, the target companies on which the buyer has decided to focus its interest are contacted and their willingness to begin the negotiation, assessment and, if necessary, due diligence stage is checked.

The due diligence stage prior to acquisition

The due diligence stage in acquiring a US company is crucial because the US legal system is very different from those of some other countries and demands a degree of disclosure and the total cooperation of the target company. ExportUSA is able to carry out all the steps of a complete due diligence of the target company.

Assessment and completion of the acquisition of the US target company

Assessment of the target company opens the negotiation stage, which then leads to the drafting of the contract and finalization of the acquisition. In this case as well ExportUSA offers international buyer companies the necessary professional, technical and operational support.

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