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The use of certain ingredients is prohibited in the United States. The admissibility of these must be analyzed before the cosmetic can be imported into America

It is essential to ensure that all the ingredients contained in the cosmetic products to be exported to America are admissible and compliant with FDA regulations before importing them into the United States

There is no need to request advance FDA approval for the ingredients contained in the product, except for some colorants

However, there are some ingredients whose use in cosmetic products is prohibited or whose use is limited to the cases and quantities specified by the law

The presence of any of the following substances in the ingredients of a cosmetic will result in its rejection by the FDA and in a sales ban in America.

Prohibited ingredients

If even only one of the following substances is found to be contained in a cosmetic product to be imported and subsequently sold in the United States, the goods will be blocked at customs and a ban will be issued on their sale in the United States:

Prohibited ingredients in cosmetic products for inhalation:

Ingredients allowed in specific cases

The following ingredients may only be used in cosmetics in the cases and amounts specified by the FDA regulations:

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FDA Compliance

ExportUSA takes care of ensuring that your products adhere to FDA standards. We make sure that all food products, cosmetics, medical devices, and dietary supplements comply with FDA regulations.