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FDA regulations for exporting and selling food products to the U.S.

FDA compliance and buying behavior of U.S. consumers

FDA food labeling in the U.S.: Nutrition labeling plays a key role in the U.S. consumer's purchasing decisions

FDA regulations for the safety of food products in the U.S. market

Selling food products containing phthalates in the U.S.

Food additives: FDA announces restrictions on the use of certain phthalates in food packaging for the U.S. market

Service to bring food products into compliance for export to the U.S.
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Selling supplements and food products in the U.S.

New FDA allergen regulations for exporting food products to the U.S.

Exporting ready-made sauces and condiments to America by following food trends
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TikTok is real-time market research

Kraft Heinz takes inspiration from culinary trends on TikTok to innovate in the ready-made sauces segment: new Dip & Crunch products are born

Selling dietary supplements and vitamins in America
Distribution trends in the American market

Exporting and selling dietary supplements to the United States

The supplement industry in the U.S. is growing at record speed and has no intention of stopping. Here are the most successful categories to win over U.S. consumers

Production and sale of plant-based meat and cheese in the US
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Selling plant-based meat in America

In the United States, the pandemic accelerated the sale of plant-based meat and cheese: the key lies in targeting and storytelling

Services for compliance with FSMA

Services for compliance with FSMA / FDA rules for exporting food to America

FSMA Certification - ExportUSA provides ALL services for compliance with FSMA regulations in partnership with a food certification company authorized by the FDA

FDA standars for exporting goods in the United States

Autoclave validation service for importing canned and pickled foods into the United States

The validation of autoclaves is a step in the sterilization procedure of vacuum-packed food products and is required by the FDA to import food products into the United States

Exporting and Sale of Cosmetics in the United States

Cosmetic Colorants for the United States - FDA regulations

The FDA may deny the importing of cosmetic products into the United States if they contain non-compliant colorants

Cosmetics label review for the U.S.
The cosmetics sector in the United States

Label for importing cosmetics into the United States

The last step for exporting cosmetics to the United States is the label review

Selling cosmetic products in America
The cosmetics sector in the United States

FDA registration of cosmetic product ingredients

The use of certain ingredients is prohibited in the United States. The admissibility of these must be analyzed before the cosmetic can be imported into America

Imports of cosmetics into the United States

FDA - Imports of cosmetics into the United States

For products to be imported to the United States, these must be compliant with the FDA regulations for the sale of cosmetic products in America

Dinstinction between drugs and cosmetics for the American market
The cosmetics sector in the United States

Distinction between Cosmetics and Drugs

Is it a cosmetic or a drug? If the cosmetic is classified as a medicinal product or medical device, you must follow the FDA rules for drugs and medical devices

Imports of cosmetics products into the United States

FDA sanctions

If your cosmetic products are not compliant with the FDA regulations, they easily risk being refused entry by the FDA

FCS - Food Contact Substance Act concerning food additives

FCS - Food Contact Substance Act concerning food additives

Regulations and Certification of Contact Substances for the United States

ExportUSA offers a support service to prepare and be prepared for FDA inspections

Preparation for FDA inspections - Consultancy and support service on site

ExportUSA offers a support service to prepare and be prepared for FDA inspections. Our consultants are also available to be on site during FDA inspections

Export Food Safety Plan USA

Differences between the HACCP manual and the HARPC manual for importing to America

Differences between the HACCP plan and the Food Safety Plan [HARPC plan] required by the FDA under the FSMA legislation on the safety of food products to be exported to the United States of America

FCE registration for long shelf-life products in the US

Import of Canned Foods, Sauces and Preserves into the United States

FCE [Food Canning Establishment] registration with the FDA is required to export to the United States long shelf-life food specialties, such as tuna in oil, peeled tomatoes, preserves and canned products

Selling dietary supplements in the USA

Import and sale of dietary supplements in the United States of America

ExportUSA offers a complete compliance service for food supplements to be imported into the United States, in full compliance with the FDA regulations on the matter

Selling cheese in America

Import and sale of cheese in the United States of America

ExportUSA offers a consultancy service both for obtaining the necessary permits for the import of cheese into the United States, and for the search for specialized distributors to sell cheese in the US

Doing business in America with ExportUSA

FSMA - FDA food safety regulations for importing into the United States of America

ExportUSA offers all the services necessary to comply with the new FSMA regulation: from technical analysis and consultancy services, to process and procedure implementation services

New FDA rules for nutritional tables

New FDA rules for Nutrition Labels

The FDA has recently issued new regulations that involve the radical change of the nutritional tables of food products on sale in the United States of America

FDA compliance in America
Taxation in the United States

Asset management in the United States

The specialized partners of ExportUSA offer a combination of financial management and strategic family asset investment planning services

Importing food products in the United States with ExportUSA


A new ExportUSA service to make preparation of a food safety plan and drafting of a HARPC manual easier, faster and cheaper

Prior Notice preparation to import food products to the USA

Prior Notice Preparation

Shipment of food products to the United States: ExportUSA delivers Prior Notice preparation services for shipping food products to the US

Importing goods to America

Solution to stop seizures of products at US Customs and US import practices

Incorrect compliance with FDA regulations can lead to the seizure/block/detention of products/goods at US Customs offices. For the release of seized goods, it is necessary to file an appeal with the US Customs and the FDA

Selling food products in America

FCE Registration and SID Procedure

Our specialized advice on the FDA procedures goes far beyond simply filling out the forms required to export food products into the United States, as it also includes reviewing critical elements of the manufacturing processes, reviewing supporting documentation, such as Health Authority [ASL] certificates and the request for import permits

FDA regulations for American Importers

FSVP - New regulations for American importers

Since May 2017, American importers have been obliged to verify that the producers from whom they import are compliant with the FSMA

How to import specialty foods in the United States

US Import Permit Requests

ExportUSA's services include obtaining US import permits. We take care of everything: from the preparation of the application, to the management of the relationship with the USDA and the annual renewal of the import permit

Importing food products to the United States

FDA Registration Renewal for the 2021/2022 two-year period

Since 2010, it is mandatory to renew the FDA registration to import food products into the United States of America. The FDA registration must be renewed every two years. The FDA number does not change after renewal

Selling food products in the US

Preparation of the Food Safety Plan for the United States of America

We prepare the HARPC manual for you to be able to export food products to America

Certification of ham and salami production facilities in order to sell products in the United States of America

Certification of production facilities to import and sell salami and ham in the United States of America

ExportUSA is now able to certify sausage production facilities to allow foreign producers to import ham, salami and mortadella to the United States of America

Economic consequences of the pandemic in the United States

The FDA has simplified the authorization rules for the importation of face masks following the COVID emergency

The simplified procedure applies only to certain types of anti-COVID masks, therefore it is necessary to pay close attention to how to prepare customs procedures and the FDA certification to be sure that the masks are compliant.

American import problems and solutions Customs shipment delays
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Solving merchandise delays and customs clearance problems in US Customs

ExportUSA oversaw the entire procedure to bring those sales and imports into America into compliance by interacting with the FDA, the USDA, US Customs, and a company that validates autoclaves for product sterilization