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For products to be imported to the United States, these must be compliant with the FDA regulations for the sale of cosmetic products in America

No permit is required to import cosmetic products. Ingredients, colorants and labels must all be FDA compliant

ExportUSA offers consulting services to European companies wishing to export cosmetic products to America

We offer FDA compliance services so that products are within FDA guidelines, labels are compliant, and shipments are not held up in customs upon arrival in the United States

In order to import cosmetic products into the United States of America, a review of the labels and ingredients is required to ensure that they comply with the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration

The rules regarding the importation of cosmetic products into the United States do not differ from those governing the sales activities of US manufacturers

FDA does not pre-approve or issue product certification for the purpose of importing cosmetics into the United States. It is the responsibility of the individual manufacturing company to ensure that their cosmetic products are compliant before importing them into America. Upon arrival at customs, FDA personnel will inspect the products to ensure that they are compliant for sale in the United States.

Contrary to the procedure in place for food products, a cosmetics company does not need to register with the FDA in order to export to America. Registration with the FDA, for cosmetics, is voluntary and can only be done after you have started selling the cosmetic in the American market. Cosmetic products for professional use only, such as products used in beauty salons, spas or skin care clinics are excluded from the program.

Since there is no need for an import permit to sell cosmetics in the US, for the distribution and sale of cosmetics you need only make sure that your products are in compliance with the FDA guidelines.

In particular, the elements of the product to be analyzed and rendered compliant are:

Proposition 65 of California and the implications for the sale of cosmetics in the US

Even if you don't plan to market your products in California, it's best to comply with the parameters set by Proposition 65

Proposition 65 is a California law that categorizes a large number of chemical substances and compounds based on their toxicity and hazard levels. The guidelines set forth by Proposition 65 go beyond the FDA's requirements for cosmetic products and are only legally binding in California.

In fact, however, they create a new standard to be considered and taken into account. We advise cosmetics manufacturers who are preparing to export to America to also observe the provisions of Proposition 65 in addition to and beyond the regulations issued by the FDA.

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ExportUSA takes care of ensuring that your products adhere to FDA standards. We make sure that all food products, cosmetics, medical devices, and dietary supplements comply with FDA regulations.