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Prior Notice preparation to import food products to the USA

Prior Notice Preparation

Shipment of food products to the United States: ExportUSA delivers Prior Notice preparation services for shipping food products to the US

How cloud computing can be helpful to American SMEs
EXPORT CONSULTING for the American market

5G Networks and American SMEs

Manufacturing facilities worldwide are becoming increasingly digitalized, and in today’s fast-paced, interconnected business environment the need for a low-latency, broadband wireless digital network is beyond argument. Wi-Fi systems are dependent on connectivity, and the faster the better.

Launching a brand in the United States
EXPORT CONSULTING for the American market

Advertising and PR agency in New York

Exportusa provides all the services of an advertising and PR agency in the United States of America. We have strong social media expertise and are always perfectly in tune with the lifestyles of the various consumer segments in America

Tourist visa application paperwork for the United States
How to request visas for the United States

Applying for ESTA - Electronic System for Travel Authorization

European citizens traveling to the United States for tourism do not need to apply for a visa if the trip does not last longer than 89 days

FDA standars for exporting goods in the United States

Autoclave validation service for importing canned and pickled foods into the United States

The validation of autoclaves is a step in the sterilization procedure of vacuum-packed food products and is required by the FDA to import food products into the United States

Certification of ham and salami production facilities in order to sell products in the United States of America

Certification of production facilities to import and sell salami and ham in the United States of America

ExportUSA is now able to certify sausage production facilities to allow foreign producers to import ham, salami and mortadella to the United States of America

What is Purchase Order and how it is used among businesses in America
EXPORT CONSULTING for the American market

Commercial Uses in the United States: The Purchase Order

What is a Purchase Order and how it is used among companies in America

Corporate Transparency Act: what is it and how it works
CORPORATION and LLCs in the United States

Corporate Transparency Act

Let's explore the criteria of the Corporate Transparency Act legislation

Exemption from the Reporting Obligation of Beneficial Owners of American corporations
CORPORATION and LLCs in the United States

Corporate Transparency Act

There are 23 exceptions to the beneficial ownership reporting requirement of the Corporate Transparency Act: discover them here