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A new ExportUSA service to make preparation of a food safety plan and drafting of a HARPC manual easier, faster and cheaper

We ensure your compliance with the standards required by the FSMA, and also prepare the relevant documentation for the American importer

Selling food products in the United States

The plus side of preparing the documents yourself and carrying out and recording the various checks is that you will be the owner of all this paperwork and so can supply it to more than one importer. 

If you leave it to the importer to carry out all the checks and tests to ensure your compliancy with the FSMA, then he will be the owner of the relative documentation [FSVP]. 

And he certainly won't share it with you. He'll keep it all to himself. 

The result will be that if you want to sell your products to another importer, then he will have to repeat the whole verification procedure required by the FSVP. And this will involve extra time and expense for you.

The FDA TOTAL COMPLIANCE Program allows you to save time and money in relation to the FDA's compliance process, and to continue exporting specialty foods to the United States in a trouble-free way

In just one session, we can do all you need to be FSMA compliant, and also prepare your FSVP verification plan to provide to your American importers

We will undertake the verification process required by the FSMA, and also prepare the paperwork needed by American importers under the terms of the FSVP [Foreign Supplier Verification Program]

American importers can be the real spanner in the works when it comes to compliance with the FSVP (the new rules governing food safety in America).

The FSVP regulation allows American importers to make use of FSVP documentation prepared by third parties. 
Here is an EXACT quote from the FDA:

"An importer can rely on another entity (other than the foreign supplier) to determine and perform appropriate supplier verification activities, so long as the importer reviews and assesses the relevant documentation."

The vast majority of companies will have no problem in complying with the regulations that refer to their activity [FSMA].

The real problem arises when the importer asks you for a whole series of documents, tests and checks, in order to ensure you are fully compliant with the FSMA. If that occurs, you'll be forced to review all the paperwork you've already completed for the FSMA, and supplement it with the requirements of your American importer, with a consequent waste of both time and money

If another American importer is subsequently interested in purchasing your products, he will not be able to do so until he has repeated all the FSVP formalities from scratch.

With the FDA TOTAL COMPLIANCE Program, you will be able to take a proactive approach and respond immediately to all requests from American importers. Indeed, even at the negotiation stage you can have all the FSVP paperwork ready and waiting before they get round to asking for it. 

In this way, you can turn a regulatory requirement into a competitive advantage for your business.


Carry out the checks required by the FSVP well in advance.

And prepare your own FSVP paperwork for any US importers.

You will then be the sole proprietor of all this documentation and so will be able to supply it to many importers at the same time, without wasting extra time or money.

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