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For some types of food products it is necessary to apply for an import permit ["Import Permit"]. In practice, this is an authorization to import into the United States of America. Import permits are managed by the USDA [United States Department of Agriculture]

ExportUSA's services include obtaining US import permits. We take care of everything: from the preparation of the application, to the management of the relationship with the USDA and the annual renewal of the import permit

Let us introduce the ExportUSA FDA team: its members speak Italian, answer from our Rimini office and, above all, listen to you and know how to provide the best advise. They are there when you are there. Always.

Claudio works in the Rimini office.

He deals with FDA, SID/FCE registration, and FSMA and FSVP compliance.

Claudio is the face and voice of ExportUSA for all customers who need advice on everything that is FDA-related. A friendly voice and temperament, always available to listen and a familiar voice for our long-time customers.

Cinzia, historical presence at ExportUSA,

works in the Rimini office, and assists customers who need to apply for an USDA - US Department of Agriculture import permit [and nothing escapes her...] 

Gaia works in the New York office, 

and deals with FDA certifications and label review. Gaia works closely with Claudio and together they are the winning duo for a successful FDA inspection on food specialties! [...but also inspections by the US Customs] 

Astra works in the New York office. 


She supports Claudio and Gaia on matters concerning compliance with FDA regulations, and manages all the elements of such regulations applied to cosmetic products. The new generations move forward.

Request for Import Permit in the United States for Certain Food Specialties

When you need to ask for an import permit

The food specialties that require a US import permit are all those that contain ingredients such as milk, cream, milk powder, egg or egg powder, or even raw products or other foods that have been semi-cooked.

Import Permit for selling food in the US

So, for example, import permits are required for products such as potato gnocchi or preparations for frozen brioches to be cooked in the store 

Import permits must be requested from the USDA - US Department of Agriculture by completing a specific form, and attached to the United States import Customs documentation. A copy must also be sent to the Customs declarant in charge of Customs clearance of food products in the US.

For a few months now, the USDA has been allowing the application of US import permits through the creation of an online account.

The Import Permits are checked at the US Customs office by USDA officials seconded to the US Customs

Import permits, therefore, serve a dual purpose:

Customs clearance and Customs procedures for importing specialty foods into the United States

All efforts made for the registration of products with the FDA, for the revision of labels and for the preparation of the FDA nutritional tables and, above all, for the US import permit, is completely nullified if you do not have an experienced US Customs declarant.

Don't underestimate the crucial importance of a Customs broker specializing in the clearance of food products in the US. You need a Customs broker who has experience handling import practices in the US.

With ExportUSA, you have access to US Customs declarants with decades of experience in handling import procedures with US Customs. Contact us for fast and hassle-free customs clearance in the US.

Differences between FDA and USDA in America

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