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Differences between the HACCP plan and the Food Safety Plan [HARPC plan] required by the FDA under the FSMA legislation on the safety of food products to be exported to the United States of America

The Food Safety Plan involves a series of protocols similar to those of HACCP but starts from different assumptions and adopts a different approach in identifying and preventing the risks inherent in food production and preparation

How to prepare the Food Safety Plan to export food products to America

The HARPC manual focuses on the risks inherent in food preparation processes

How to draft a Food Safety Plan for exporting food in the USA

ExportUSA provides advice and practical assistance for preparation of the Food Safety Plan and HARPC manual for exporting food products to the United States

A complete service of analysis, consultancy and implementation of the procedures necessary to comply with FSMA and for the preparation and adoption of the Food Safety Plan / HARPC

The HACCP system is a global standard, developed in the 1950s and 1960s by a group of engineers and scientists from three different organizations, including NASA, to prepare and adopt a global food safety standard in line with the Codex Alimentarius.

The evolution of HACCP has been continuous, resulting in an effective and efficient global food safety management system (FSMS).

The Food Safety Plan for FSMA [summarized in the HARPC manual] has a similar, but different, objective to that of HACCP and places an emphasis on identifying risks [of raw material procurement, food production processes, storage of finished products and their transport] with a focus on the implementation of appropriate corrective actions in a proactive way to prevent contamination.

To date, the Food Safety Plan and HARCP manual are not a global standard but rather an all-American standard that has been incorporated into the FSMA [Food Safety Management Act]

Basic elements for preparation of the Food Safety Plan / HARPC plan

Example of risks to be identified in the HARPC manual

Some examples of preventative checks listed by FSMA for HARPC plans

Typical requirements to keep in mind when preparing the Food Safety Plan [HARPC plan] required by FSMA for food safety:

To conclude, if you have a well prepared HACCP plan and if you follow the procedures, adopting a HARPC plan compliant with the FSMA regulations will primarily involve paperwork.

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