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Here's why the dietary supplement market in America is growing without pause

In 2021, the United States generated 35.7% of global sales of dietary supplements

The dietary supplement market is witnessing unprecedented sales growth in America. Therefore, supplement manufacturers in the U.S. or international companies planning to start selling in the American market should expand their product portfolios according to the latest industry trends to support the relentless demand for health products from American consumers. There are three main drivers for the growth of dietary supplement sales in the U.S. market:

The personal reasons why individual U.S. consumers use dietary supplements instead are:

Below is a report on the products in the U.S. supplement industry with the most significant growth potential to help international companies seeking business opportunities in America.

U.S. consumer spending confirms the crucial role of supplements in the U.S. economy

How many Americans use dietary supplements?

In 2021, 80% of Americans turned to dietary supplements. Equally important, confidence in their efficacy, safety, and quality remained high (79%, up 5% from 2020) [Source: 2021 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements]. This is not surprising, and in fact, dietary supplements in America are expected to grow by an additional 10%, reaching $1.5 billion in sales in the United States alone.

Which dietary supplements to sell in the United States? The most successful dietary and nutrition supplement categories to win over U.S. consumers

Multivitamin and mineral supplements: American consumers say they are the best allies for physical and cognitive health

In the U.S., multivitamins and minerals are the preferred supplement category for American consumers. And with the arrival of the pandemic, which made health a primary purchasing driver for Americans, the significant increase in purchases of vitamin D (+52%), zinc (+7%) and vitamin C (+5%) is not surprising [Source: 2021 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements]. Two other ingredients in increasing demand in America are copper, which has similar benefits to zinc, and iron, which aids red blood cell formation.

The growth of the category of this dietary supplement is due to people's increased need to support their physical and cognitive health. It is important for supplement companies to avoid making sensationalist or misleading claims about these products to attract U.S. consumers - the confidence Americans have in the usefulness of multivitamins is as great as the discontent given by a misleading label claim would be.

The United States is a key market for the sale of collagen supplements

The category that is growing most significantly, however, is collagen dietary supplements. The reason for the success of collagen supplements among young U.S. consumers (+62% sales on Amazon USA) is their power to reduce skin dryness and slow skin aging, as well as to strengthen nails and joints. In addition, consumers' interest in sustainability in dietary supplements has driven sales of marine collagen, which has nearly replaced animal collagen.

With the arrival of Covid in America, opportunities have grown for companies selling stress management supplements

Mental wellness supplements, such as melatonin, theanine, and magnesium, have become must-haves for U.S. consumers who must manage hectic lives and post-pandemic stress, particularly Millennials. Whether the product comes in capsules (+10.8%), soft gels (+10.5) or gummies (+27.4%), consumers' growing awareness of their mental health has led to an increase in demand for these products as well as herbal supplements in America.

In particular, the growth of ashwaganda for reducing stress has exceeded expectations (+165%). We similarly expect that herbal products based on ingredients such as the following will continue to grow in popularity in the U.S. market in the future:

The new high-growth categories for starting a successful supplement business in the U.S.

In addition to traditional dietary supplements, there are entirely new product categories that have promising sales potential in the U.S. market:

There are great opportunities to export vitamins and dietary supplements to the U.S.: products developed for specific needs have the greatest room for growth in the U.S. market

The prospects for international dietary supplement manufacturers looking to export to and sell in the United States are reassuring: the growth of the industry in America is not slowing down, and increasing consumer education about the benefits of supplements will continue to support the spread of increasingly specific and attractive products.

Of note, the company must clearly verify that any product to be sold in the U.S. meets the standards required by the FDA, so that the road to success is paved and not hindered by customs holdups or recalls from the market.

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