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Doing business in the United States
Distribution trends in the American market

Business English conversation for America

ExportUSA has been working in the American market for almost 30 years. We are very familiar with American business customs and the American way of doing business

Starting a business in the United States
Distribution trends in the American market

Sales and business representation office for the United States of America in New York

Maintaining a continuous presence in the market is another key element which is essential for those wishing to sell in America. The business office service for the United States offered by ExportUSA allows you to have a real office in New York

The beer industry sells more than $119.3 billion in beer and malt-based beverages to US consumers each year
Distribution trends in the American market

Stella Artois: a successful commercial to promote the Belgian beer in the U.S. Market during the Super Bowl

In 2020 the InBev group is registering a 4% growth worldwide, with Stella Artois leading the charge with double-digit growth performances, more than other US brands in the group.

American oil market
Distribution trends in the American market

Oil prices crush to $30

Oil prices have fallen sharply again, hitting $30 per barrel

Distribution trends in the American market

BARCODE in the US: how to improve the traceability of products exported to America

In America the barcode system is different from the one used in most of the others countries. It is important to adapt the barcode to the american barcode system for sell and export products in the US successfully