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Growth of the housing market in North America
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New York repopulates after the Covid crisis: businesses return to full-speed operations

Foreign companies have a great opportunity to invest in the United States: New York gained back three quarters of the American residents who left during Covid

How to start selling hard seltzers in the US
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US Beverage Industry Trends 2022: the hard seltzer business

In the US, 2022 will be the year of the hard seltzer

How to sell sustainable fashion to be successful in the American market
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The sustainable fashion industry in the USA has a huge growth margin compared to the Fast Fashion industry

While slow fashion is gaining support with American members of Gen Z, the fast fashion race in the US is showing no signs of stopping

Food trends in the United States
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Trend of e-commerce in the US food sector

According to estimates made during the pre-Covid period, sales of food products through the e-commerce channel should have reached 5.4% of the total market in 2021, up from 4.3% in 2020, to then go up to 6.8% in 2022 and 14.5% in 2026

The growing cosmetics market in the U.S.
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The latest beauty trends in the United States

The cosmetics sector is the preferred market for companies that want to sell to young consumers in the United States

How to promote a brand in the USA
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New marketing strategies in the USA for 2022: the case of Lush

Lush is moving away from social media, starting a marketing trend that could help other brands to be successful in the United States

American companies are increasingly using AI-driven technology to put service providers in touch with end-users
Other sectors of the American market

The Impact of Remote Working on the Globalization of Services

Historically, services have been hard to export, since having local skilled personnel to troubleshoot was deemed essential to remaining competitive. However, COVID-19 rewrote the rulebook, and companies are increasingly using AI-driven technology to put service providers in touch with end-users.

Why wind power is the best industry to invest in, in the US
Other sectors of the American market

2021 trend of the wind power sector in the United States

The USA is racing toward zero emissions. Big investments in wind power in the US are forecast

Purchasing behavior of the young American consumers
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American Trends in the Luxury Sector: Anonymous Luxury

The trend of anonymous luxury in the US is a result of the changing values and lifestyles of the younger generation of Americans

American wind power industry
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The wind power sector in the US aims at new technologies

New wind power sector trends in the US: a floating wind turbine that produces renewable energy for almost 100,000 families: the project might arrive in the USA, in the state of California

Selling online with Amazon US
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2021 USA e-commerce updates: Americans are spending more on Amazon than on Walmart

Online sales are surpassing those of the traditional points of sale: Amazon has just deposed Walmart

Production and sale of plant-based meat and cheese in the US
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Selling plant-based meat in America

In the United States, the pandemic accelerated the sale of plant-based meat and cheese: the key lies in targeting and storytelling

American Real Estate after Covid
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Update on real estate trends in the United States of America

American real estate is in good health and investing in the United States will remain a winning operation

Opening a cafe in the United States
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Opening a cafe in New York in 2021: a Caribbean-made success story

For those who want to open a coffee shop in the United States, or even for those who just want to export their products to America, it is important to keep in mind the best market trends and niches in order to secure a good positioning. For example, today American consumers are looking towards the drinks market for ways to ensure good health

Ecommerce consultancy for selling in America
E-commerce trends and developments in the United States

Selling Online with E-Commerce in the United States

ExportUSA has extensive experience in the development of e-commerce websites

Launching a brand in the United States
EXPORT CONSULTING for the American market

Advertising and PR agency in New York

Exportusa provides all the services of an advertising and PR agency in the United States of America. We have strong social media expertise and are always perfectly in tune with the lifestyles of the various consumer segments in America

Course on Selling in America by ExportUSA
EXPORT CONSULTING for the American market

Course on how to sell in America: the most effective sales techniques for the US market

How to sell in America? 26 years of sales experience in the USA at the disposal of Export Managers and European companies that want to enter the American market

How to get an investor visa for the United States
EXPORT CONSULTING for the American market

Starting, opening and launching a franchise in the United States

Opening and launching a franchise idea in the United States is an excellent form of investment that qualifies for an E2 Investor visa

Organizing an event in the USA with ExportUSA
EXPORT CONSULTING for the American market

Organizing an event in the USA with ExportUSA

Exportusa can organize all types of events [meetings, conventions or presentations] in New York for any budget, in the most diverse locations

The beer industry sells more than $119.3 billion in beer and malt-based beverages to US consumers each year
Distribution trends in the American market

Stella Artois: a successful commercial to promote the Belgian beer in the U.S. Market during the Super Bowl

In 2020 the InBev group is registering a 4% growth worldwide, with Stella Artois leading the charge with double-digit growth performances, more than other US brands in the group.

The impact of Covid on eating habits in America
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The impact of Covid on eating habits in America. Snacks: a mixture of flavor and good health

The Millennials in the USA rank as the world’s most avid consumers of snacks and are the driving force behind the innovation in the snack industry

New Cosmetic Subscription Service in North America
The cosmetics sector in the United States

New Cosmetic Subscription Service

A new subscription service allows you to choose your favorite cosmetic products by trying out a few samples first

Launching a successful brand in America
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Launching a Brand in the United States: One Must Adapt to the Changes in Lifestyle of the Specific Target

The Strength of a Brand in the United States Exemplified by a Line of Dolls: the Case of American Girl

Opening a Pop Up Store in the USA
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#InstaPop, the Instagram Pop Up Stores in New York: a New Way to Create a Brand in America

There are museums and galleries all over the world, and then there’s art for social media: introduci...

How AR can be helpful to US manufacturing
Other sectors of the American market

Augmented Reality in US Manufacturing

The promise of augmented reality (AR) has so far failed to live up to the hype. Initially, the rise of smartphones and tablets with gyroscopes, cameras, and HD displays hinted at a world of wonders. Imagine framing a street on a smartphone and seeing the names of neighborhood bars pop out on colorful labels

Millennials head of the biggest revolution in the food industry in the United States
The impact of new generations on the American market

Millennials head of the biggest revolution in the food industry in the United States

The giants of the food industry lose shares to the benefit of small businesses

Industrial robot importation in the US
Other sectors of the American market

Sell and export industrial robots in the United States. Industrial automation robotics in America

Industrial robot sales in the United States of America are growing now that the U.S. economy is out of the recession. There are also opportunities for Italian manufacturers to export industrial robotics and automation applications to the United States