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New wind power sector trends in the US

A floating wind turbine that produces renewable energy for almost 100,000 families: the project might arrive in the USA, in the state of California

The US infrastructure plan forecasts the spread of wind power to accelerate to get clean electricity by 2035

Wind power is the most cost-effective and efficient renewable energy source, and many companies are working to create solutions suited to the US market. Thanks to the infrastructure plan of the Biden government, the United States will spend about one trillion dollars in redevelopment operations. The package also includes projects for schools, families and the green economy. Modernization of the US electricity network and extending the use of renewable energies will require about $73 billion.

The US wind power industry is the most attractive for Italian companies operating in the sector. In 2020, the United States installed a record amount of wind power, a measure in line with Biden's goal of achieving a carbon-free electricity industry by 2035. Furthermore, this sector provides jobs to 116,800 Americans and is welcoming any non-US idea or project that leads to making the turbines even more cost-effective and efficient.

The first US offshore wind farm was inaugurated in 2016, and it is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the state of Rhode Island. This wind far produced energy to supply 17,000 homes in the US, nothing compared with the technology of the start-up Wind Catching Systems, which will allow almost 100,000 to be supplied.

A Norwegian start-up is developing a floating multi-turbine technology to install at offshore wind farms also in the US

The offshore turbines produce 30% more energy than the onshore ones: the US energy industry wants to increase production of this wind power in the USA

The "Wind Catcher" might revolutionize the way in which wind power is harnessed because no system in the United States has ever achieved performance suitable for working in deep waters (those that already exist, and that are much less powerful, have high construction costs).

The wind farm has a lifetime of 50 years, double that of traditional wind turbines, and when some of its parts have to be replaced, an integrated elevator system ensures easy maintenance. The wind power system can be recycled at the end of its lifetime.

The prototype will probably be built in the North Sea, but the Norwegian company is already looking to the United States - and California in particular. California has good wind resources near the coast and the US government is offering enormous support for the project.

At the fauna level, the structure will be equipped with bird radar to help prevent collisions with the migratory birds, but the floating units will be so far at sea as to not endanger the local avifauna.

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