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Importing machinery to the USA
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Exporting industrial machinery and equipment to the U.S.

The U.S. market for industrial machinery, automation and equipment: sales and imports recover

What is Purchase Order and how it is used among businesses in America
EXPORT CONSULTING for the American market

Commercial Uses in the United States: The Purchase Order

What is a Purchase Order and how it is used among companies in America

From January 1, 2022 new in the customs classification of goods to import to America
LOGISTICS and SHIPPING for the American market

Duties: The news for importing to America

U.S. Duties: The changes in customs classification of goods to be imported to America

Why wind power is the best industry to invest in, in the US
Other sectors of the American market

2021 trend of the wind power sector in the United States

The USA is racing toward zero emissions. Big investments in wind power in the US are forecast

American wind power industry
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The wind power sector in the US aims at new technologies

New wind power sector trends in the US: a floating wind turbine that produces renewable energy for almost 100,000 families: the project might arrive in the USA, in the state of California

Manufacturing Industry in the U.S.
Other sectors of the American market

The U.S. Manufacturing Sector Continues to Grow

Despite the fact that supply chains have never before in history been this clogged, and despite recent hacking incidents that disrupte the energy and meat processing industries, the ISM's headline index registered a reading of 61.2 in May, an increase from April's reading of 60.7.

Ecommerce consultancy for selling in America
E-commerce trends and developments in the United States

Selling Online with E-Commerce in the United States

ExportUSA has extensive experience in the development of e-commerce websites

Industrial robot importation in the US
Other sectors of the American market

Sell and export industrial robots in the United States. Industrial automation robotics in America

Industrial robot sales in the United States of America are growing now that the U.S. economy is out of the recession. There are also opportunities for Italian manufacturers to export industrial robotics and automation applications to the United States