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In America, the online sale of industrial goods and replacement parts exists as well, and websites that sell to distributors and retailers all have an e-commerce section

ExportUSA has extensive experience in the development of e-commerce websites

We can help your company to develop electronic commerce operations for the United States: from website design to logistics, and from order management to the shipment of products to end clients

In America, selling online through e-commerce websites represents a true distribution channel, in addition to the traditional ones, whether these be retail stores, dealers, or wholesale distributors

Even companies that sell to dealers and wholesale distributors, or that have their own agents and representatives, sell online

E-commerce websites for the online sale of replacement parts, accessories, and small machines also abound in the industrial goods sector

ExportUSA has developed an e-commerce platform thatís specialized in online sales in the United States

ExportUSA, through its own house software, develops websites designed specifically for small and medium enterprises that want to sell in the United States. Our platform for selling online in the United States is integrated with our logistics system. This way the Ohio warehouse automatically receives the orders that have been placed online and directly takes care of shipping to clients.

Our e-commerce websites are also linked to UPS for the automatic calculation of shipping costs. In addition to the automatic calculation of shipping costs, integration with the UPS website makes it possible to automatically create bills of lading, thus saving time and avoiding clerical errors.

These features are automatically integrated in all of the American e-commerce websites that we develop for our clients and significantly speed up and simplify the administrative management of online sales made in the United States.

Duty Free Sales in America with Shipping Directly from your country

This is another possibility for online sales in the United States: if the value of the merchandise is less than $800, there's no need to pay import duties when the shipment arrives in America.

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ExportUSA provides companies with turnkey consulting services for the development and creation of electronic commerce websites for the United States