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The ExportUSA team takes part in New York's Fancy Food

Attending a trade show in the United States: making yourself known in the American market is all about knowing the rules to apply

The ExportUSA team participated in the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, a globally recognized American trade fair where the most important Food and Beverage and restaurant companies take the stage. This year, Italy was an exceptional partner, with its 240 food and agriculture exhibitors ready to showcase the quality of Made in Italy to American customers. Participating in Fancy Food is a unique occasion for Italian companies looking for business opportunities in the United States, especially after the forced stop to trade shows caused by the pandemic. However, to be successful in America, it is necessary to keep in mind some basic tips.

ExportUSA's tips on how to invest in U.S. trade shows to succeed in the U.S. market

The following are tips from Lucio Miranda, president of ExportUSA, on how to make the most of your participation in trade shows in the United States and seize all business opportunities:

Trade shows in America aim to introduce Italian and foreign exhibiting companies to importers, brokers and potential customers

In the U.S., trade shows are the ticket to enter the U.S. market

As Lucio Miranda explains, "Trade shows in America have the important function of matching exhibiting companies with importers, brokers and potential customers. Of course, those who know the rules of the game can make the difference. After all, there is a clear distinction between Italian and U.S. trade show events: less pleasantries, clear interactions that get straight to the point and, in the case of Food, rebranded ready-made products that are already compliant with FDA regulations."

ExportUSA team at Summer Fancy Food 2022As part of Fancy Food, the ExportUSA team met with leading Italian companies, associations and top chefs of the caliber of Michele Casadei Massari, Brand Ambassador of Parmigiano Reggiano in the United States (pictured with Lucio Miranda, Muriel Nussbaumer and Michela Parmeggiani).

As the representative of Parmigiano DOP in America, Casadei Massari is helping to promote real Italian food from a gastronomic, nutritional and cultural point of view, encouraging American consumers to appreciate Italian food specialties and placing a curb on the phenomenon of "Italian-sounding" counterfeit products.

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