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Selling in the USA on TikTok
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TikTok: the new search engine for America's Gen Z

Why Gen Z started using TikTok instead of Google?

E.l.f. marketing strategy on the American market
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The new ways of communication in America

Strategies for selling make-up and cosmetics to American Gen Z

Beauty market in the U.S.
The cosmetics sector in the United States

Marketing cosmetic products in the USA

Gen X are the new beauty product consumers on whom to focus your marketing efforts in the United States, a target group full of opportunities

Summer Fancy Food New York 2022
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Summer Fancy Food 2022 New York

ExportUSA's tips on how to invest in U.S. trade shows to succeed in the U.S. market

Branding services for the American market - ExportUSA
Distribution trends in the American market

Packaging and brand image

Create, develop, and design successful packaging for the U.S. market

Exporting ready-made sauces and condiments to America by following food trends
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TikTok is real-time market research

Kraft Heinz takes inspiration from culinary trends on TikTok to innovate in the ready-made sauces segment: new Dip & Crunch products are born

Marketing strategy to connect with America's Gen Z
The impact of new generations on the American market

Let's dispel false myths about Gen Z consumers

Selling in America: here are the false myths about Generation Z

New trending ingredients in skincare in the U.S.
The cosmetics sector in the United States

What American consumers want from cosmetics: the latest skincare trends

Ingredients before brands: the new priority of the cosmetics industry in America

Marketing strategy to enter the US market with freeze-dried non-alcoholic micro-drinks formulated with botanical extracts
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How the soft drink industry in America is changing

Waterdrop, the micro-drink brand reinventing the conventional way of drinking water, lands in the U.S. and gets a $70 million funding round

How to promote a brand in the USA
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New marketing strategies in the USA for 2022: the case of Lush

Lush is moving away from social media, starting a marketing trend that could help other brands to be successful in the United States

How Crocs doubled its revenue in the United Staes
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Selling footwear in the USA: The reasons behind the success of Crocs in the United States

In 2021, the American company Crocs almost doubled its revenue: here we explain the reasons behind its success in the United States

Importing and selling beverages in America
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New products from the American market: The latest thing in the US beverage industry is beer for dogs

A Canadian company has launched a beer for dogs, responding to the needs of American consumers

Young Americans revolutionize the cosmetics market in the U.S.
The impact of new generations on the American market

American Millennials and Gen Z are the driving forces behind US beauty trends

The younger generation of Americans are revolutionizing the U.S. post-pandemic cosmetic market

Green Cosmetics in America: Gelo, the Hand Soap that Uses Other Brands’ Packaging
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Green Cosmetics in America: Gelo, the Hand Soap that Uses Other Brands’ Packaging

Launched in the US market in the midst of the pandemic, this innovative brand had a turnover of almost $10 million in less than a year

The beer industry sells more than $119.3 billion in beer and malt-based beverages to US consumers each year
Distribution trends in the American market

Stella Artois: a successful commercial to promote the Belgian beer in the U.S. Market during the Super Bowl

In 2020 the InBev group is registering a 4% growth worldwide, with Stella Artois leading the charge with double-digit growth performances, more than other US brands in the group.

The impact of Covid on eating habits in America
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The impact of Covid on eating habits in America. Snacks: a mixture of flavor and good health

The Millennials in the USA rank as the world’s most avid consumers of snacks and are the driving force behind the innovation in the snack industry

Opening a Pop Up Store in the USA
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#InstaPop, the Instagram Pop Up Stores in New York: a New Way to Create a Brand in America

There are museums and galleries all over the world, and then there’s art for social media: introduci...