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There is no point searching for importers of cosmetic products in America using the usual channels: you will not get valid results because the sector is saturated

Instead, participate in the specialized trade fairs selected by ExportUSA and sell your cosmetic products directly at the fair to spas and beauty salons

ExportUSA has studied, tested and developed an extremely effective and inexpensive sales program for entering the US cosmetics market

It is developed specifically for small and medium-sized manufacturers of cosmetics, beauty and hair products

Cosmetics selling strategy

A new approach to selling cosmetics in the USA

Searching for importers of cosmetic products for the United States using the classic methods is a long, expensive process that is unlikely to offer many lasting and satisfactory results in terms of sales. 

The U.S. market is extremely open, resulting in a very aggressive competitive landscape. The result is that importers/distributors of US hair and cosmetic products require expensive advertising investments from manufacturers and it is difficult to establish long-term relationships.

The problem is understanding whether we are dealing with a serious importer who intends to put effort into making the advertising investment pay off in order to sell in the American market, or with a distributor who is trying to exploit an inexperienced cosmetics manufacturer anxious to enter the American market.

It would not be the first time that an importer has used the manufacturer's advertising investment to finance the sale of its own cosmetic lines.

ExportUSA has developed a low-risk, highly effective program for penetrating the American market

It is clear that to sell cosmetic/beauty or hair products in America a certain level of investment is necessary. ExportUSA has identified a series of trade fairs in the cosmetics and hair products sectors and we have participated with our own booth at these fairs in order to verify their effectiveness, selling cosmetic products of our client companies. Our direct experience has shown us that the circuit of selected fairs works.

Effective results of ExportUSA's hair and cosmetics sales program

These are the effective advantages of our program for entering the American cosmetics market:

ExportUSA supports the cosmetics company in preparing for the fair, including:

The sales program developed by ExportUSA is ideal for a small company wishing to sell cosmetics in the US market, because it guarantees results with a low investment and allows the cosmetics manufacturer to become familiar with the American market through first hand experience.

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Export Services

FDA Compliance

ExportUSA takes care of ensuring that your products adhere to FDA standards. We make sure that all food products, cosmetics, medical devices, and dietary supplements comply with FDA regulations.