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Incorrect compliance with FDA regulations can lead to the seizure/block/detention of products/goods at US Customs offices

For the release of seized goods, it is necessary to file an appeal with the US Customs and the FDA

We solve all problems related to the seizure/ detention of food products by the FDA and US Customs and the correction of faulty or incomplete food import procedures

Lack of compliance with the FDA regulations can lead to the seizure of goods at the US Customs. Contact us if you need assistance with the release of goods seized by the US Customs

Release of food products seized by the US CustomsCustoms procedures for importing food products into the United States are complex and intertwined with the procedures and rules issued by the FDA [Food and Drug Administration].

Sometimes an incomplete import document or a wrong interpretation of the FDA rules is enough to have goods seized by the US Customs.

It is therefore not uncommon for a company with little experience in importing food to the US to see its products seized. With the assistance of its partners highly specialized in US import procedures, ExportUSA can solve all Customs problems related to importing food into the United States.

In essence we:

Our partners have decades of experience in solving problems related to importing food into the US. Unless these are cases of total negligence, we 100% sure that we can resolve any Customs issues related to importing food into the United States.

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ExportUSA takes care of ensuring that your products adhere to FDA standards. We make sure that all food products, cosmetics, medical devices, and dietary supplements comply with FDA regulations.