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FSVP "Foreign Supplier Verification Program" certification - Since May 2017, American importers have been obliged to verify that the producers from whom they import are compliant with the FSMA

We expect many compliance requests from American importers, with resultant blockages in the system and delays in export procedures

The new FSMA regulations finalized by the FDA requires American importers to verify that the food products they import come from food companies that comply with the new American regulations on food safety

New FDA rules for importing food to the United States require American importers to:

US importers are required to carry out the verification process and to keep written records:

The process of risk assessment and verification of suppliers by US importers must be repeated at least every three years.

Selling food products in AmericaImporters can use the following procedures to check that suppliers are in compliance with the new FDA import regulations:

What is happening in practice with American importers?

American importers obviously require very firm guarantees in order to cover themselves against any allegation of breach of duty and the associated financial risks. It's worth pointing out that the latest FDA regulations on the safety of imported food are relatively new, so there is still a lot of uncertainty about the scope of the regulations, their interpretation, and how they will be applied in practice by the FDA. Also, this uncertainty involves everyone: importers, FDA officials, customs officers, customs declarants, international freight forwarders, specialist law firms, and exporting companies.

FSVP Certification - We at ExportUSA have set up an efficient service that provides a full guarantee to all parties involved in the process of exporting, importing and selling food products in the United States in line with FSMA regulations

We are able to offer American importers firmer guarantees than many other export consultancies, due to a combination of these various positive attributes:

If your American importer contacts you asking if you are compliant with the provisions of the new FSMA regulations for importing food into America, contact us for advice on the subject.

American importers also might inquiry whether the food products you are offering are produced in line with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP), or they might ask you to provide them with your "Food Safety Plan"

We can also help you in these circumstances, by providing the necessary verifications and certifications for importing food products into the United States and complying with the new FDA rules on food safety.

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