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ExportUSA offers customer assistance services for the United States to companies that sell online

No successful e-commerce website in America can do without a local customer assistance service

When you outsource your customer assistance to ExportUSA, you'll have an address and a phone number in America and will be able to publish your e-commerce website

More importantly: you'll have people who answer the phone from New York, answer questions, and provide information to your American clients. Furthermore, we can also provide a return management service in the United States

Outsourcing Customer Assistance Services for AmericaSelling online in the United States is a concrete possibility because e-commerce in America is a well-established sales method for every kind of product, even industrial goods.

You can sell online in the US either via direct shipments from Italy or via shipments from your warehouse in America [and if you donít have one, then you can take advantage of ExportUSAís logistics services].

This means that America provides all of the necessary prerequisites for successful e-commerce operations. One thing, however, that must NEVER be missing from your e-commerce website is a customer assistance service. Without [pre and post sale] customer assistance services, you might sell a little bit, but youíll never be successful in the US.

The Importance of the Trust Factor in Online Sales in America

For American clients, service is almost as important as the product. And this is even more true in online sales, where the trust factor is crucial to convincing visitors to the website to purchase products. Having an American address and phone number on the website is a fundamental element in building trust with potential American clients because it demonstrates attention to the market and, in very practical terms, it makes everything much simpler for American clients who can call an American phone number and talk to an operator who speaks English.

Would you purchase something from a website written in English, but with a Japanese phone number to call for information and assistance? I donít think so. The same goes for Americans who, lets face it, in this respect are a bit spoiled, provincial, and ìsovereignistî [in a good way of course...].

The Solution for Managing Returns in America

Another typical situation of online sales / e-commerce is that of refunds and returns. By outsourcing your customer assistance services to ExportUSA, you can tell your American clients that they can send returns to an American address, allowing for enormous savings on shipping costs and an equally simplified shipping procedure for American clients that need to return a product.

With its return management services for America, ExportUSA receives the shipments of returns and consolidates them. Once every two or three months, we send all of the returned items from American customers to the foreign country in a single shipment. If the returns arenít defective, we can keep the products in the warehouse and wait for them to be sold again to American clients through the website.

ExportUSA's customer assistance services for the US make it possible for you to sell online in America, presenting yourselves as an American-based company and conveying a sense of security and trust thatís necessary for successfully selling online

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