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PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT in America in the context of construction projects: secondment and transfer of international personnel to the U.S.

International Personnel in the U.S., Employees, Freelancers, and UNION Personnel

International PERSONNEL in USA

Typically, American companies owned by international and European companies working in construction need to transfer specialized personnel to the USA. For these companies, the need does not fade in the first months of activity but quite physiologically persists and is renewed with each new project. In these cases, it is advisable to have strategic planning aimed at overcoming the "barrier to entry" represented by U.S. immigration regulations. Below we offer an overview of the visas commonly used to manage the transfer or secondment of personnel to the United States for all companies engaged in construction projects to work on construction sites in America.


A non-consular document [not a visa] that accompanies travelers with ESTA explicating technical or business activities to be performed within 90 days of entry into the U.S. Typically used for technical specialists performing occasional supervision, coordination, training on specific local projects - valid for one entry only.


A consular visa that replaces the ESTA+BACKUP LETTER combination, allowing the holder greater protection and flexibility in terms of the number of entries in a year and length of continuous stay in the territory (up to 6 continuous months). Unlike the other B1 classes, this declination is tailored to the typical needs of the construction industry. It is used for technical profiles for which it can be demonstrated that one's "specialization" is material to the success of a project. The decision to opt for a B1 in lieu of a Backup depends on many factors that must be analyzed on a case-by-case basis - the Visa holder does NOT become an employee of the U.S. company but may perform work-like activities [even if they are not legally so] on behalf of it; this visa can be valid for ten years.


This is a type of visa that equates the holder with a U.S. resident by allowing them to obtain a Social Security Number (personal tax identification number) and thus enabling them to WORK in the United States. These are visas that typically stem from the foreign company's choice to TRANSFER or DISTRIBUTE personnel to the U.S. company. There are several categories available, but experience tells us it is appropriate to focus on E visas (E1 or E2) or L1 visas (L1A for executives or L1B for technical specialists). The choice about the type of visa varies from case to case. Whenever possible, E visas are preferred because of the greater predictability of outcome and greater protection of the employer (sponsor). Visa holders can remain on the payroll of the Italian entity or be put on the payroll of the U.S. entity. - These are visas that can be valid for up to 5 years and typically renewable if the basic conditions remain in place.

NB. All of these profiles could become U.S. "tax subjects." ExportUsa is dedicated to assisting "expat" personnel in managing their hybrid position straddling the two tax systems, Italian and U.S.

Employee recruitment in the United States - PAYROLL EMPLOYEE

There are two forms of payroll employees in the United States:

These are the main services offered by ExportUSA for hiring and managing employees in America:

Recruitment and management of FREE PROFESSIONALS in the United States

U.S. regulations governing the management of non-employee personnel are very different from those governing the management of employee personnel. ExportUSA offers a range of specialized consulting services on the subject:

The management of the UNION STAFF (UNIONS)

The construction industry is highly unionized. Certain states regulate construction work almost entirely under UNION jurisdiction. This makes it necessary, in order to work, to become a member of the relevant union (which varies depending on the specialization and location of the job). Again, ExportUSA offers a range of specialized services to support companies that need to hire unionized personnel in America.

How to become a LICENSED CONTRACTOR in the U.S.

Some states require a license in order to operate in the constructions industry. Almost always, obtaining the license requires that the company meets specific requirements, has at least one profile in the company that meets specific requirements, and passes one or more examinations designed to investigate legal/administrative knowledge and technical skills specific to the sector for which the license is being applied. ExportUsa is able to assist companies in all stages of the process:

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