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Return Management Services in America: ExportUSA's Solution for Successful E-Commerce in the United States

To be successful with e-commerce in America, you must give clients the possibility of returning merchandise to an address in the US

ExportUSA's Solution for Successful E-Commerce in the United States

Returns have become a physiological part of online sales, especially with American clients

No American client will ever buy from your website if returned merchandise must be sent back to Italy at their expense. And it would cost a fortune for you to absorb the costs

Being able to return a product has become an expectation and method of purchase for American clients. Returns are an essential part of a sale and no longer an uncommon event related to a product's defectiveness.

If your e-commerce website does not have a base in the United States, managing refunds and returns is virtually impossible, with your image consequently damaged in the eyes of American clients who will most likely not purchase from your website.

You must have an American address to which clients can send a returned item. Sending products back to Italy is too complicated and expensive: expensive for the client if the return is at his/her expense and expensive for you if you decided to absorb the shipping costs yourselves.

Outsourcing return management services to ExportUSA allows you to sell online in America without requiring your own structure within the country for managing returns

ExportUSA receives the individual returns in Brooklyn and consolidates them into a single shipment when an inexpensive shipping volume for Italy has been reached

With ExportUSA's return management services in America, American clients can return merchandise by sending it to our offices in Brooklyn. Then once a month we organize a cumulative shipment to your country of all of the returned merchandise that has been received by our New York office. This allows for enormous savings on shipping costs and an equally simplified shipping procedure for American clients that need to return a product.

The Importance of the "Trust" Factor in Online Sales in America

ExportUSA also offers outsourced customer assistance services in the United States

For American clients, service is almost as important as the product. And this is even more true in online sales, where the "trust" factor is crucial to convincing visitors to the website to purchase products.

Having an American address and phone number on the website is a fundamental element in building trust with potential American clients because it demonstrates attention to the market and, in very practical terms, it makes everything much simpler for American clients who can call an American phone number and talk to an operator who speaks English.

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