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Reasons for investing in the U.S. in 2022
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The U.S. market in the post-COVID era

America's purchasing power is on the rise: here's why now is a good time to invest in the U.S.

Logistics in America in the post-Covid era and imports to China
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Covid has exposed critical shortcomings in the international shipping system, supply chain, transport infrastructure, offshoring, and

Logistics in America in the post-Covid era and imports to China

Manufacturing Industry in the U.S.
Other sectors of the American market

The U.S. Manufacturing Sector Continues to Grow

Despite the fact that supply chains have never before in history been this clogged, and despite recent hacking incidents that disrupte the energy and meat processing industries, the ISM's headline index registered a reading of 61.2 in May, an increase from April's reading of 60.7.

International tax system consultancy for the Italian companies in the US
Taxation in the United States

International tax system consultancy services for the United States

The international dimension of the corporate tax system in the United States has its own rules that are totally different from those in force in Europe

Tax services for Italian companies in America
E-commerce trends and developments in the United States

Return Management Services for the United States

Return Management Services in America: ExportUSA's Solution for Successful E-Commerce in the United States

American oil market
Distribution trends in the American market

Oil prices crush to $30

Oil prices have fallen sharply again, hitting $30 per barrel