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We have over 120 companies domiciled in our Brooklyn office. In 2020 we prepared over 200 income statements

We offer a turnkey service for starting your business in the United and launching the sale of your products and services in America

All inclusive service opening a company in the United States

Once the company has been incorporated, we help you open a checking account with an American bank, set up the chart of accounts and the accounting system and coordinate the management of the company with the idiosyncrasies of the foreign fiscal system

We request the company's fiscal number and prepare all the initial documents for the board of directors and the shareholders' meeting

If you're reading this information on how to open a company in America, you've probably already found

ExportUSA teaches you how to manage your company in the United States

Unlike lawyers and accountants, with us you will learn how to manage your own corporation in America

Once the company has been incorporated, we'll explain in detail how accountancy works in the United States, the procedures to follow, the tax and bureaucracy timelines to respect. [Bear in mind that we will usually keep an eye on these for you, but that being aware of the deadlines is always a good idea]

Depending on the type of business you intend to open, weíll guide you to ensure you make the most appropriate choices in tax and accountancy matters. We'll explain how the issuance of shares works in American corporations, how share capital is paid up and how to make capital increases or share transfers. Above all, youíll learn how to implement and manage company decisions by making what are known as "Resolutions", the documents a corporation uses to perform its business.

With ExportUSA, you'll learn how to make the most of all the tax benefits available to those who open a company in the United States, whether it's a corporation or an LLC.

this same service offered by others. Generally speaking, the American corporation or LLC incorporation service is offered by low cost companies that only operate online, or by specialized law firms.

Low-cost services may be cheap, but you'll only receive what you pay for, which means very little... Once you've paid online by credit card, they send you an email confirmation that the company has been opened. From then on, youíre on your own... This is the right service for those who already know how a corporation works in America and for those who speak English - and not just at a minimum level, but EXTREMELY well.

On the other end of the scale, you'll find law firms specialized in opening companies in America. Here youíll probably deal with professionals who have a certain level of expertise, but this option can often be VERY expensive. These are normally firms without the flexibility or experience required to guide clients in areas not closely related to the incorporation of the company. This means that they are unable to help with accounting and tax matters, or give advice about logistics. Youíll also be on your own when it comes to opening a checking account and everything else you need to start operating.

Instead, ExportUSA offers you a full service for all aspects of opening a company in the United States

ExportUSA offers you a full service that goes beyond just the actual incorporation stage. Below there is an example of some of the services we are able to offer Italian clients who decide to open a company in America with ExportUSA:

Once your company has been set up and you have opened a bank account, the ExportUSA staff will remain at your disposal to provide any further information or assistance you may need. Usually we look after all the paperwork related to the management of the corporation and its taxation, and this will prove extremely useful. But we are also constantly available to answer any queries you may have about the management and life of your company in America.

Domiciliation of companies in the United States and trading office in America

ExportUSA also offers a domiciliation service to companies that want to base their registered office in the USA. They will be able to use the ExportUSA New York office address for this purpose, and have American telephone and fax numbers. The domiciliation service also includes registering the company with the American Internal Revenue Service to calculate the quarterly tax advances due, as well as prepare and submit its quarterly income statements.

In addition, another service offered by ExportUSA is to set up a trading office in the USA: a real sales office for America that offers potential clients the information they need to forge buyer-seller relationships

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ExportUSA opens US incorporated companies in all of the United States. We can open both LLCs and corporations