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The importance of trademark registration in the U.S.
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Trademark and Branding registration

The Kim Kardashian situation is a prime example of how naming is primarily a strategy for protecting and preventing brands in the US

Branding services for the American market - ExportUSA
Distribution trends in the American market

Packaging and brand image

Create, develop, and design successful packaging for the U.S. market

Branding services for doing business in the United States
EXPORT CONSULTING for the American market

Naming brands for the U.S. market

What to name a brand for the U.S. market? CONCEPTO's guide to successful naming

Creative firm in New York City
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CONCEPTO opens in the USA

With CONCEPTO ExportUSA becomes the new creative agency of choice in New York City

Exporting ready-made sauces and condiments to America by following food trends
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TikTok is real-time market research

Kraft Heinz takes inspiration from culinary trends on TikTok to innovate in the ready-made sauces segment: new Dip & Crunch products are born

How to sell luxury makeup to America's Gen Z
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Selling luxury makeup in the United States

Dolce & Gabbana's new business strategy to export and sell its cosmetics line in the U.S. market

New trending ingredients in skincare in the U.S.
The cosmetics sector in the United States

What American consumers want from cosmetics: the latest skincare trends

Ingredients before brands: the new priority of the cosmetics industry in America

Marketing strategy to enter the US market with freeze-dried non-alcoholic micro-drinks formulated with botanical extracts
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How the soft drink industry in America is changing

Waterdrop, the micro-drink brand reinventing the conventional way of drinking water, lands in the U.S. and gets a $70 million funding round

Which cosmetic products to sell in the U.S.
The cosmetics sector in the United States

Beauty products, cosmetics, and cosmeceuticals trends 2022

2022 will be the year of all-around health in the US: consumer demand in the beauty industry has shifted to niche products that have now become must-haves

How to promote a brand in the USA
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New marketing strategies in the USA for 2022: the case of Lush

Lush is moving away from social media, starting a marketing trend that could help other brands to be successful in the United States

Purchasing behavior of the young American consumers
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American Trends in the Luxury Sector: Anonymous Luxury

The trend of anonymous luxury in the US is a result of the changing values and lifestyles of the younger generation of Americans

How to register a brand in the American market
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Registering a trademark for the U.S. market

What are the steps for registering a trademark in America? How are trademark registration disputes handled in the United States?

Launching a successful brand in America
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Launching a Brand in the United States: One Must Adapt to the Changes in Lifestyle of the Specific Target

The Strength of a Brand in the United States Exemplified by a Line of Dolls: the Case of American Girl

Opening a Pop Up Store in the USA
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#InstaPop, the Instagram Pop Up Stores in New York: a New Way to Create a Brand in America

There are museums and galleries all over the world, and then there’s art for social media: introduci...

Protecting a brand on the American Market
Contracts and the legal system in the United States

Trademark registration in the U.S. market increases the value of your company

The value of trademark registration in the U.S. market