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How to promote a brand in the USA
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New marketing strategies in the USA for 2022: the case of Lush

Lush is moving away from social media, starting a marketing trend that could help other brands to be successful in the United States

Purchasing behavior of the young American consumers
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American Trends in the Luxury Sector: Anonymous Luxury

The trend of anonymous luxury in the US is a result of the changing values and lifestyles of the younger generation of Americans

Launching a successful brand in America
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Launching a Brand in the United States: One Must Adapt to the Changes in Lifestyle of the Specific Target

The Strength of a Brand in the United States Exemplified by a Line of Dolls: the Case of American Girl

Opening a Pop Up Store in the USA
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#InstaPop, the Instagram Pop Up Stores in New York: a New Way to Create a Brand in America

There are museums and galleries all over the world, and then there’s art for social media: introduci...