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Naming for the U.S.

What to name a brand for the U.S. market? CONCEPTO's guide to successful naming

Naming is the process by which the name of a company, product or service is created. Having a catchy name is essential to start selling in the United States because the brand name is the foundational element of brand identity: the name helps distinguish the brand from competitors, associate it with brand values and a personality that stands the test of time. The brand name also influences U.S. consumers' purchasing decisions, guiding their perception and loyalty.

To sell in the U.S., brands must have a name that meets the following basic requirements:

There are other characteristics that make a corporate name effective in America:

How to choose your own American brand name

Brand Naming strategies to create the perfect name for your company in the USA

Typically, choosing a brand name begins with drawing up a list of ideas. Then, the refinement process begins in order to generate a list of possible real names, culminating in the final selection and launch of the name in America.

There are several types from which to draw inspiration for a brand name for the United States. A brand intended for the U.S. market can be given descriptive names, evocative/experiential names, acronyms, and whatever the imagination suggests. The most important thing to keep in mind when naming is that a successful name does not try to represent too many things. Rather, an effective brand name focuses on communicating a central idea that must then be developed graphically and through branding and marketing strategy.

The brand name is a priceless asset: The brand itself is a strategic corporate asset

To successfully sell in the United States, turn to CONCEPTO, the creative agency specializing in the U.S. market. Every company interested in doing business in the United States must consider the importance of brand naming. The Brand Naming process is particularly challenging in America because it is a market where great value is placed on brand names, and therefore finding a good and effective name is more difficult. CONCEPTO is the creative agency that can help Italian companies create a truly competitive brand name in the American market.

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