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ExportUSA has the necessary experience to prepare the paperwork for an E2 Investor Visa for the United States of America. Even more importantly: we can assist you in planning your investments in the US to facilitate obtaining the E2 Visa.

A carefully planned investment can lead to obtaining an E2 ‘Investor’ Visa for the United States.

The form to request the E2 Investor Visa can only be filled out after the investment in the US has been completed in accordance with the law.

Obtaining an E2 visa for the United States requires the combined efforts of the entrepreneur who makes the investment in America and the specialized legal firm that puts together the visa request application.

In our experience as consultants we have observed that structuring the investment in America in the right way is a lot more important compared to preparing the application.

The investment must be carried out with extreme care, following all the legal requirements so as to facilitate the work of the specialized legal firm which will draft the actual request form for the E2 Investor Visa.

The following elements are extremely important:

These brief notes aim to show how the work required to make the actual investment in the United States towers over the formal/legal phase of the application, which is mainly related to filling out forms and submitting the request for the E2 Investor Visa.

The first step, even before establishing the conditions to make the investment on US soil—i.e. registering a US corporation, opening a bank account for the company, requesting the EIN, collecting the paper trail and so on—it is crucial to assess whether the size of the investment is appropriate to the type of activity that the investor intends to carry out in the US.

In other words, an investment of $100,000 may be sufficient for an investor that wants to establish a trading intermediation firm in the US. However if the project consists in opening a new food production plant, a million dollars may not be enough.

Another fundamental element for those carrying out an investment in view of an E2 Visa application.

What can be legitimately claimed as an investment? What documents need to be submitted to demonstrate one’s investment in the United States?

For example, does holding a million dollars in the company’s checking account in the United States count as having made an investment in the US in the E2 Investor Visa request? If I purchase the products that I import into the United States and hold them in my US company’s warehouse have I carried out an investment in stocks that can always count as an investment for the E2 visa application?

As you can see, carefully planning one’s investment in the United States is crucial to drafting a successful application form for the E2 Investor Visa form for the United States.

Thanks to several years of experience in consulting for foreign investors, ExportUSA is able to help you plan your investments in line with US legal requirements.

Together with a specialized legal firm we can then help you prepare all the forms you’ll need to submit to obtain the E2 Investor Visa.

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