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Maintaining a continuous presence in the market is another key element which is essential for those wishing to sell in America. The business office service for the United States offered by ExportUSA allows you to have a real office in New York

A sales and business representation office for the United States at the ExportUSA office in New York is a way for companies to maintain a business correspondent in the US at reasonable costs

ExportUSA: Your commercial office in the United States in New York

Participating in a trade fair in the United States and not having a sales and representation office or a business correspondent in America to follow up on the contacts generated once the show is over is a big mistake

US sales & business representation office

The sales office service for the United States offered by ExportUSA is a service that dramatically increases the effectiveness of your sales initiatives in America

The sales office service for the USA allows you to give continuity to your commercial and sales initiatives and to communicate your real physical presence on the market with your own office in New York

With its US sales office and business representation service, ExportUSA acts on behalf of and in the interest of your company in dealing with potential customers in the United States.

For example, you can give the ExportUSA phone number to potential customers contacted at trade fairs in the US and we will answer all calls as if we were the American sales office of your company.

We keep copies of your catalogues and price lists at our offices, which we send on request, and act as an intermediary between the foreign company and the potential American customer for all possible information requests.

The sales office and business representation service is the most effective way to enter the American market and maximize the usefulness of trade fairs in the United States. Otherwise, when you return home after a trade fair, there will be no one left to represent your company here in America.

With your US sales and business representation office at ExportUSA, the American customer has the peace of mind of being able to call the US with the certainty of finding an English-speaking contact who can provide all the necessary information about the product, or an order.

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